Why should we worry

We always have to worry. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Dieter Nuhr in the FAZ:

Even if you prefer to explain people psychologically, what do Germans suffer from in themselves?

That has seldom been as disparate as it is today. If I had to name a few things, it would be: excessive fear of the future, excessive demands on life when it comes to security. The German would like to abolish death tomorrow. The German says: Everything should stay as it is, but at the same time everything has to change because everything is terrible the way it is. Strange mix.
It's a shame that you don't limit yourself to meaningless questions with diluting answers.
Does that also apply to your concern about the threat of foreign infiltration that Germans worry too much - for no reason?
If it does deregulate, there is cause for concern; it borders on financial insanity.
People are already rubbing their hands in London.
In Germany and the rest of Europe, it depends on what our banks then do.
I'm not very confident about that. Greed has not given way to morality. That would be too nice.
The next bad news is already on its way.
We just have to wait and see what happens.
What then interests me is what Trump's voters say when he gradually relativizes his campaign statements or does not implement them at all.
They must feel ripped off. But I'm afraid she doesn't care about that either.
ing793: If the career prospects of many young people are to join a professional army that naturally works ubique Terrarum, then of course it has to be employed. Not a good chance of minimizing conflict.