What is your favorite Linux operating system

Linux Top 20: How To Find Your Favorite Linux

René Resch

Tired of Windows? We'll help you be spoiled for choice: Find your personal favorite Linux.

Current chart update: The new top 3 in the Linux charts are Manjaro, the high-flyer MX Linux and Mint. A major change is noticeable in the Linux charts - old top dogs such as Mint, Debian or Ubuntu are no longer the iron top 3. Even newcomers have what it takes to generate a certain amount of hype. The example of MX Linux, which emerged from a cooperation between antiX and past MEPIS Linux communities, can be seen very well, the first public beta version of which only appeared in November 2016 and can now claim second place. But even a Manjaro Linux could drive a Linux Mint off the throne. So the old top dogs have to go for more in order not to lose the connection completely - so it remains exciting in the Linux world.

This is how you can find your favorite Linux

At least since the end of Windows XP and the end of support for Windows 7, many have been thinking of switching to Linux, or at least using Linux as an additional system. But which Linux version, which distribution should it be? In this article, we will introduce you to the most popular Linux distributions. And that might lead you to your next favorite operating system.