Why did FOX news turn against Trump

2020 US Election: Fox and Donald Trump: The Story of an Alienation

Donald Trump did not always make it easy for his followers. Some Republicans publicly withdrew his allegiance (Mitt Romney, Arnold Schwarzenegger), others he immediately fired himself (the national security advisor John Bolton, among others). And yet he could always count on a loyal tribe of followers, a group of opinion makers who never officially worked for him: Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham. Political commentators on the US broadcaster Fox. But it was precisely this broadcaster that kept its distance on election night. The story of an alienation.

Trump: "I'm not a huge fan of Fox, I have to tell you that in all honesty. "

Everything actually starts a few weeks beforehand. On July 19, Trump gives in FoxNews an interview. The moderator is Chris Wallace, who would later lead the first TV debate between Trump and Biden. In contrast to some colleagues, Wallace is considered conservative, but not a supporter of the president. Trump had previously attacked him several times on Twitter. Wallace himself is astonished in the interview that the President speaks to him at all. And doesn't exactly make it easy for Trump. Wallace checks the allegations of the president for their truthfulness, declares some of them as false statements. He conducts the interview like a cross-examination and lets Trump appear. Particularly bizarre: The moment when Trump brags about an intelligence test.

Wallace: "I took the test when you said you had passed it. It wasn't the hardest test. There was a picture and the question was: What is it? And it was an elephant."

Trump: "That is now presented in a distorted way. Yes, the first questions are easy. But I bet you couldn't answer the last five questions. They will be really difficult in the end."

Wallace: "One of them was 100 minus 7."

Trump: "I guarantee you, Joe Biden would not have been able to answer these questions."

A few minutes later, Trump clarifies, "I'm not a huge fan of Fox, I have to tell you that in all honesty. "

Trump reacts passively aggressively

Trump made a similar statement on election day. The President tuned in to the station's breakfast television by phone, took stock of his election campaign, compared his current situation with the 2016 election: "What is the biggest difference between today and today four years ago? I say: Fox. "And further." The station has changed a lot. "The background was that Fox had shown a speech by Obama in which the ex-president questions Trump's eligibility.

During the night (local time), the relationship between Trump and his former favorite station escalated. Earlier than almost any other media reported Fox, Biden won the state of Arizona. CNN on the other hand, the state still declared on Sunday morning as "too close to call". So too early to assign him to one of the two candidates.

The president is said to have been beside himself, as reported by American media. His campaign team got involved Fox agile, wanted to influence the reporting. Without success. The broadcaster stood firm. They also counted Michigan as Biden early on. To announce the announcement, interrupted Fox even a press conference by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.

In public, the president then acts passively and aggressively. Like a disappointed father who punishes his child by ignoring him. "Someone announced a victory for Biden in Arizona," he said in the evening without naming the station. From now on, he only shares articles from the ultra-right platform on Twitter Breitbart. No trace of Fox.

Nonetheless, Trump can continue to contribute to some of the commentators Fox counting

For Trump it was Fox an important tool in its media strategy. The station belongs to the Murdoch empire, a conservative media conglomerate that reaches many potential Trump voters. During his tenure, the president hired some of the station's employees. He describes many of the moderators as "friends".

Also drives Fox Dream odds. 14.1 million people are said to have watched the election coverage between eight and eleven o'clock on November 3rd, more viewers than ever before on an election day. CNN only reached nine million. Even before the election, the station increased its numbers enormously: In October, an average of 4.9 million people watched prime time Fox News.85 percent more than the previous year.

Similar to Fox also positions itself New York Post, a conservative tabloid newspaper that is also part of the Murdoch empire. In an article on Saturday, the newspaper's commentators wrote that Trump had done a lot for the country - but that he must stop the conspiracy theory of the "stolen election" if he did not want to "marginalize" his own voice.

At the same time, the newspaper published an unusually positive article about the newly elected President Joe Biden entitled "It's Joe Time" ("It's time for Joe"). Just a few weeks ago she had New York Post published a damning article about Joe Biden's son Hunter. It was based on questionable sources and brought criticism nationwide.

Nonetheless, Trump can continue to contribute to some of the commentators Fox count. Sean Hannity, for example. He shared the president's conspiracy myths on his show on Wednesday. "Do you believe what happened in this election?" He asked. "Do you think the results are correct?" The right-wing moderator Tucker Carlson made a similar statement. So Trump will keep a few friends. And a little friendship can be worth more than admiration from the whole world. At least that's what Bismarck is supposed to have said. All the more valuable for Trump that Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson continue to support him on friendly terms. Because the general admiration in the Fox-World seems to have disappeared.

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