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Diet, Silicone & War Paint: What Men Really Find Unsexy in Women

What scares men off? Women who are crazy about shopping, women who wouldn’t even take down the garbage without make-up, women who constantly gossip - there are certainly many things that men find rather unsexy about us women. After all, they also find us extremely sexy. So let them have some criticism.

We therefore asked around in the men's world to find out what kind of women men find rather off-putting. First of all: top killer number 1 is our eternal nagging about our weight and our alleged love handles. Almost every man called us a no-go. Therefore: Stop excessive self-criticism, ladies!

But there is a lot more that the gentlemen have listed in terms of women's quirks and peculiarities. By the way: We have a completely different opinion on some things. But let's be wise.

1. Salad lovers

Women who are constantly on a diet and poke around in their salad every time they eat for fear of gaining weight are quite annoying. Even in the eyes of men. On the other hand, women with a healthy appetite are extremely popular with men.

2. Proper

That's not nice: men find it unsexy when women have a distinctive dialect. Man, men! Don't you know how sexy it is when a woman is Berlin-based or chatting in Hamburg ?!

3. Fear of female power

It's a shame that men don't find extremely emancipated women sexy either. But in the end we also know why: men simply have respect for extreme power women. Or even fear?

4. Libra junkies

Also not really popular with men: When women constantly watch their weight and complain about themselves. Too fat here, too slack there, a pillow here, too much there ...

5. Esoteric aunts

Women with a pronounced tendency towards esotericism - that too gets zero points with the majority of men. Men cannot do much with signs of the zodiac, magical gemstones and tarot cards. Women who are strictly vegan also scare men.

6. Foolishness

When women giggle like little teenagers all the time, it can be annoying. Silly women tend to find men unsexy, they told us.

7. Miss Rottenmeier hairstyle

We women have long known that our men are not always aware of trends and fashion statements. She doesn't care at all that a bun on her head is definitely more than hip. You find women with buns unsexy. Too bad. We wear it anyway, simply because it's so simple and practical.

8. Blasphemers

Women who constantly gossip about their co-workers - by the way, this is also a point that we women certainly rate unsexy and negative. Also bad: women who constantly assess and compare each other. We don't even need that.

9. Dents & Co.

When women talk about their orange peel all the time. Especially when you see them naked and really blown away at how great they look. And then the only thing that keeps coming is: "Don't look at me so closely. I have all the cellulite." We wouldn't think it would be great if men kept putting themselves down.

10th month zombies

When women mutate into little zombies during their days, men prefer to keep their distance. Such a pronounced PMS and extreme mood swings during your period are also terrifying.

11. Tip monster

Yes, men have also called that as unsexy: When women infect one butt after the other. Well, if they stick to it too.

12. Chatterbox

If girls have to talk constantly and without periods and commas, it can bring the strongest man to his knees. Quite understandable.

13. Too much makeup

When women put inch-thick make-up on their faces. A little hot in the men's eyes.

14. Shrill organ

Men find an extremely shrill voice in women rather unpleasant. The sound of a female voice in itself is quite attractive, but only as long as it doesn't sound too high and squeaky.

15. Body tuning

Women with silicone breasts don't go down well. Certainly not all are meant, but those women who overdo it and whose breasts look extremely artificial.

This is almost cute: men find a six-pack unsexy in women. So hello ?! If we are sporty, dear men, then we are sporty. Muscles cannot be avoided here. Point.

16. Women's issues

And last but not least, we ourselves get caught: men only find it partially sexy when women keep asking themselves what men find sexy or unsexy. In this sense: Keep doing your thing and stay as individual, crazy, unadapted, sexy, personable, stunning, friendly as you are!

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