Can Lady Stoneheart speak?

A new life

Short storyFamily, love story / P12 / Het
Arya StarkCatelyn "Cat" StarkGendry
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So my second FF about Game of Thrones and Gendry and Arya, hope you like it. Have fun reading and maybe. is it worth a review for you?

P.s: I started a Game of Thrones FF together with my girlfriend.
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we write together under the name gingersnaps.
and the FF is called The Story of Ondine & Morrigan- the Wavegirl and the Sandsister.

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It was now exactly two years since the war had ended.
Two years and yet she had been separated from her family for nine.
Arya from the Stark house had experienced a lot during this time, had seen people die and killed some herself, had made a trip to Braavos and trained there in the House of Black and White, but she had never been able to forget her past, never had she forgot her needle, she had never become a faceless one.
She had already had so many identities and for these two years she was wondering if she really wanted to be just Arya Stark again.
In the past, when she was younger, she had often wished to go home, to her family, but she hadn't been able to do that, she had even often wondered if her mother really wanted her back after all she had done and to this day she had no answer to this all-important question.
Arya had learned that her mother had wandered the riverlands long after her death as Lady Stoneheart, driven by just one thought, vengeance.
But it was rumored that Lady Catelyn Stark lost her thoughts of revenge when she found her daughter Sansa and her two sons Bran and Rickon again.
Arya had had many opportunities to return to her family, but she had not taken any of them, too great was the fear that she would not be accepted.
Meanwhile, Bran was Lord of Winterfell and King of the North, a title, or rather a task her late brother Robb had fought for, Sansa was still married to Tyrion Lannister, but she continued to live on Winterfell and Jon Snow was Lord Commander on the wall.
All in all, her family seemed happy even without her.
Arya had even found her shadow wolf Nymeria once again, she had left her new pack and returned to her, since then Arya has not been completely alone.
Later, she even met Gendry again, he hadn't changed much, he had grown a little, his hair was also longer and he had a three day beard, but all in all he was still the boy or the man stayed from so long ago.
He had been traveling with her for a while, but he kept toying with the idea of ​​opening his own blacksmith's shop.
Arya wondered for the first time if she no longer felt for Gendry, especially after he was behaving so conspicuously around her.
Any idiot would eventually see how he felt about Arya.
Arya looked up at the high walls of Winterfell and imagined what would happen if she went in there now and told her family who she was.
Would you then welcome her? Or would they just chase them away? Could she then keep in touch with Gendry? Or would they forbid her?
All in all, her thoughts kept flowing to Gendry, his cheeky grin, his whole way and his feelings for her.
Determined to get an idea of ​​the situation, Arya turned to her shadow wolf and Gendry, who had been standing next to her the whole time, and said: "I'm going in now, you are waiting here"
Nymeria lay down bored and Gendry looked rather sad, as if this was a goodbye forever.
With her heart pounding loudly, Arya entered her home, Winterfell, for the first time since leaving for King's Landing nine years ago.
There was a lot of activity but Arya didn't recognize one of the many faces, which was probably logical, after all, Winterfell had once been completely destroyed, presumably these were all new people who had settled here.
Determined Arya made her way to the gods' grove of her family, she knew that not everyone had access there, but she knew some hidden entrances and she finally used them.
When she entered the old grove of the gods, her father's favorite place, it seemed to her as if she had been thrown back in time.
Nothing had changed, the thick white tree with the face and the bloody tears in its eyes still stood there, perched above the pond and covered almost the entire grove with its leaves.
Spellbound, Arya drew in the sight and enjoyed the feeling of being at home.
She walked slowly towards the old tree and carefully touched its bark, almost in awe.
"What are you doing?" A lovely voice rang out from behind her and Arya turned around, startled.
For a long time no one had been able to sneak up on her unnoticed, but either Arya had been too careless or the other person was just as good at sneaking up as she.
Surprised, she recognized her sister Sansa, she looked like her mother, the chestnut-colored hair, the face, the eyes, everything about her, only disciples.
She had become beautiful and Arya was ashamed for the first time that she would never be as beautiful as her sister.
She herself had mouse-brown hair, a round face, had never been so delicate and delicate as Sansa and all in all she just looked too much like her father.
"I asked you what you were doing?" Her sister asked again and finally another woman appeared next to her and Arya had to suppress the tears that were gathering in her eyes.
Her mother now stood next to Sansa, she had white hair and a scar on her neck, but Arya would recognize her among thousands.
For too long she had dreamed of seeing her again, of being hugged by her and now she was standing there, only a few meters away from her.
It would be too easy to tell them who she really was, but that would probably never happen.
Her sister looked at her questioningly: "Do I know you from somewhere, you seem so familiar to me?"
Arya overcame herself and curtsied to her sister: "No, my lady, I doubt that, I'm nobody"
Sansa still looked as if she was wondering if she might not know Arya after all and her mother, just looked at her curiously and a little incredulously.
Arya knew that her mother couldn’t speak since she had her throat slit, but it was strange to just hear something like that, as if you were witnessing it with your own eyes.
Her mother's eyes took on a dangerous glow and Arya knew it was time to leave.
"I'm sorry that I broke in here without authorization, I know it doesn't suit me, my lady, but I really wanted to see this place once, excuse me"
Sansa smiled kindly: "It's okay"
"I'll go again now." With that, Arya turned away and walked past the two women, her mother studying them closely as they approached.
Arya found it uncomfortable to lie to her family, not that she hadn’t done it before, but still.
Now that she had been here, seeing her sister and mother, she had chosen not to tell them the truth.
Arya Stark no longer existed, the little girl had died while fleeing through the river lands, this girl was free to choose who she wanted to be and where she wanted to be and in that moment, all of her drew her to just one person and to this she would return again.
Arya left Winterfell and found Gendry sitting on a stone with Nymeria at his feet.
When he heard her approach, he looked up and his face reflected surprise.
"What is it, did you think I wasn't coming back?" She asked him.
"To be honest, yes"
Arya grinned brightly at him and held out a hand to help him up.
Gendry grabbed it and got up, but Arya didn't let go of his hand again, which only made him look more confused.
"What do you guys have?" Arya grimaced at this question, Gendry still hadn't gotten used to addressing her like that since they'd found each other again.
"Nothing at all, I'm happy," she replied.
"Will your family take you back?" He sounded uncomfortable, as if dreading the answer.
Again he looked up in surprise, as if he couldn't understand what she was trying to say.
"No. I decided not to go back. I am happy with this life as long as… ”Arya closed her eyes for a moment, it was difficult for her to say something like that, she had never said such things to another person.
"…Just Like Heaven"
Gendry looked down at her uncomprehendingly and didn't seem to understand what made Arya stand on tiptoe and kiss him.
Surprised, Gendry took a step back, his cheeks were slightly flushed, but Arya was sure that that would be the case with her too.
"But, what ... you are not allowed to do that, you are a lady, you are ..." Arya shook her head and put a hand on his mouth.
“Shut up Gendry. I'm not a lady anymore, I have decided for this life, unless you don't want me? "She waited tanned and nervous for his answer. Gendry seemed visibly overwhelmed at first, but finally he shook his head resignedly Gods, of course I want you. But I have nothing to offer you, no money, no nice clothes, not even a roof over your head ... "
Arya laughed and squeezed his hand.
"Gendry, I don't need nice clothes or money and a roof, we can build that together, you and I, then you can open your smithy and I will always stay by your side, you are my family, I have chosen you "
Disbelief was still reflected in his face, but he began to smile hesitantly and put his hands, which were still in hers, on her face and kissed her.
"Well my lady, from now on, I will not give you back" He took Arya's hand again and the two walked back down the street with Nymeria. Where exactly that was open to them.

Catelyn Stark recognized her missing daughter immediately and if she could have spoken she would have spoken to her immediately, but something about her daughter's behavior told her that she didn't want her family to recognize her.
Welcomed you.
Catelyn had listened to her inner voice and hadn't immediately hugged her daughter, but let her go again.
However, she had watched her from the walls of Winterfeld and had seen her shaking hands with a young man smiling and not letting go, a young man who looked suspiciously strong like Robert Baratheon.
Catelyn had to smile, her daughter had chosen a different life, had chosen a different path, which was not unwise, because in the world of a lady, she would not have been able to see this young man again.
She felt a sting in her heart, a last sign that the curse of Lady Steinherz had been finally broken, now that she had found the last child from her pack.
It was very painful to let her go, but it reassured her to know that she was fine and happy.
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