What's the best bad movie ever

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Our new film series "Best Worst Picture" starts on Halloween with an absolute jewel of the bad film: "Troll 2"

"Troll 2" enjoys absolute cult status and is considered by many to be the best bad film of all time!
Produced by the Italian trash legend Joe D'Amato, based on a script by Rossella Drudi, who was angry that some of her friends became vegetarians. Filmed mainly with amateur actors (including a dentist and a patient from a psychiatric hospital who just had an exit) and an Italian crew who could hardly speak English. In addition, costumes designed by the former erotic star Laura Gemser, which, due to a very tight budget, look as if the goblins have just had their third stroke behind them and involuntarily comical - but that is precisely why they have become legendary - dialogues.
"Troll 2" is an all-round successful work of art, a milestone of the bad film and is celebrated worldwide in sold out performances and at theme parties.

A perfect start to our new film series "Best Worst Picture", which will only focus on the best among the worst!

It starts on Halloween, the October 31, 2019 around 19 o'clock in the prototype.

There is more information about the film and the series HERE