You feel good without a bra

"Sagging breasts come without a bra!" Is that correct?

The bosom should be firm, plump and taut. To keep it that way, many women rely on the bra. It should protect and support the connective tissue and prevent sagging breasts. Does it work? Does the bra really protect against gravity or does it even do the opposite? We got to the bottom of the matter.

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Do you prefer a bra instead of sagging breasts?

Many women suffer from the marks that the wearers leave on their shoulders or back. If the bra doesn't fit well, it triggers back pain. The bra tightens, it rarely feels like a second skin. And then this feeling when a woman can finally take off the bra as soon as she is at home. Pure freedom! It is precisely this feeling that prompts more and more women to join the no-bra movement and leave the bra outside of their own four walls. Those who don't feel "naked" without it, don't like the natural shape of their breasts - or fear sagging breasts. Right?

  • Studies keep making headlines, such as those by the French sports medicine specialist Jean-Denis Rouillon, who spent 15 years studying the effects of the bra on female tissue. The professor at the Universit√© de Franche-Comt√© is said to have found out after three months that 50 subjects between the ages of 18 and 35 who were not wearing a bra had firmer breasts. The ratio between the height of the nipples and the shoulders has also been reduced by seven millimeters a year.
  • Japanese researchers came to a similar conclusion in the 1990s and looked at the effects of wearing a bra for a long time. The result: the fabric would quickly get used to the support and slacken.
  • However, no study is representative: The Frenchman soon rowed back and noted that the small number of study participants would not be representative of the results. There is also a lack of long-term knowledge. In Japan, only eleven women were examined, so there can be no question of a representative study here either.
  • As long as relevant studies are lacking, the only thing left is: whether wearing or leaving a bra causes sagging breasts is as individual as every woman herself. It depends on the fabric and women should rely on their feelings. Do you feel better with or without? And if the bra hurts - put it away.

Many do not even do without at night

Women love or hate it, the bra. Amazing: Many women do not want to do without it even when they sleep. At night, however, the following applies: Better topless! Doctors point out that wearing the bra at night can lead to bruising of the lymph nodes, circulatory disorders and, as a result, to the formation of cysts.

On the other hand, women with a large bust also offer support at night and feel more comfortable with it. Then it should definitely be a non-wired, loosely worn model made of pure cotton.

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When the bra really supports you

The bra isn't all bad, though. Because:

  • The situation is different with sport. If you move around a lot, run or jump, you should definitely wear a sports bra. With every movement, the connective tissue slackens and sagging breasts are inevitable.
  • Women who are overweight or who have large and heavy breasts should also wear the bra as a support. A well-fitting bra not only protects the tissue, but also prevents back pain and poor posture.
  • A bra is also recommended during pregnancy, as the fabric changes constantly during this time. It pays to invest in a matching bra more often.
  • During breastfeeding, the bra not only protects the tissue, but also keeps nursing pads in place.

Conclusion: A final statement as to whether a bra favors sagging breasts or not cannot be made. It is up to each woman how she feels more comfortable. However, you should never do without it when exercising or under other circumstances.

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