Really serve the Empire for Varys

Why leave King's Landing now?

I'll try to answer this question, although spoilers will be rife.

Who does Varys serve? Do you remember his conversation with Ned Stark in season 1:

Eddard Stark: Tell me something, Varys. Who do you really serve?
Varys: "The kingdom, sir. Someone has to."

May vary or cannot lie. We do not know it. However, so far we know he plays a game like Littlefinger and everyone else. We also know that he knows a lot more about Daenerys than he reveals.

Arya Stark heard again in Season 1 talking to Illyrio Mopatis, the man who looked after Dany and Viserys, under the Red Fortress. At the time their conversation is confusing, but as the series progresses it becomes more and more obvious what they were talking about. From the wiki:

... Illyrio secretly visits King's Landing, where he talks to his ally Varys in the secret passages under the Red Fortress about their common plans. Once Khal Drogo's son is born, the Dothraki can invade Westeros and Viserys can recapture the Iron Throne. However, Westeros must find itself in chaos and civil war before this happens. When Varys warns that a civil war, sparked by a conflict between House Stark and House Lannister, is imminent, Illyrio worries that things are going too fast, but Varys suggests motivating the Dothraki to move faster might be be a workable strategy. They talk about how the king's new hand, Eddard Stark, now has the same genealogy book his predecessor read and met Robert's bastard son Gendry: the same evidence that led Jon Arryn to tell the truth about Queen Cersei's children discover. They discuss the possibility that Lord Stark might suffer the same fate as his predecessor.

This is incredibly important and was revealed very early on in the series. While Robert wants Dany to be killed and Varys quietly agrees, he has no intention of doing so. Spoiler:

He is revealed in the books around Jorah Mormont actually too to warn, that this is the king's intention, and to be careful. The poisoner in season 1 acted of its own accord, Not by Varys. See this question for more information.

Well, in the books, all of this isn't revealed until Book 5 - the series is very premature to show us all of this and to reveal all of this by the middle of season one.

However, since it reveals everything knowledge we , that Varys has plans for Daenerys and is allied with Ilyrio to protect her (for whatever reason and for what reason we do not know beyond his alleged desire to serve the Empire)

All of this is pernicious and describes books 4 and 5 (and thus probably season 5):

In the books, Cersei rules effectively because Tommen is too young. She is paranoid, incompetent, and surrounds herself with allies who give her bad advice. Jaime moves away from her. In the books there is a Lannister, Tyrek, who disappears during the King's Landing uprising featured in Season 2. Jaime begins to suspect that Varys was involved. There is also speculation that Varys was involved in a puppet show shown in the capital discussing how a kingdom is ruled by arrogant, greedy lions. A deer faces them, but it is eaten. Eventually a dragon hatches and burns all the lions. Cersei is outraged. She kills the show's creators, takes half the wealth from every rich man who has seen her, and takes an eye from those who don't have wealth.

After these little mentions of Varys in Book 5:

Kevan Lannister effectively takes control of the kingdom after Cersei is ruined. However, Varys enters Pycelle's apartment and kills him before finally using his little birds to summon Kevan Lannister and kill him. He's basically telling him that this is because he's doing too good a job to undo all of Cersei's incompetent and moronic acts. Their actions are widespread and dissatisfied between the Lannisters, the Tyrells and leave the empire open to capture. There is one more heir to the throne (besides Dany - more spoilers!) And he intends to make the empire ripe for the capture.

So after all of that, including a lot of spoilers:

His departure from the empire is in line with his overall plan. When he sees Tyrion go White he, that it's a good time to go. His overall plan is really underway and he knows that Cersei, now mad about power and anger, will continue to ruin the empire. With Stannis far away, Renly gone, the Starks gone, and the Tyrells and Lannisters fighting, it's the perfect time for his long-awaited plan to finally be in full swing.

Napoleon Wilson ♦

"The series is very premature to show us all of this and to reveal it all by the middle of season one." - However, I'm not sure the TV show makes that clear enough Varys on the side of Daenerys stands how you make it sound. His conversation with Illyrio in the basement was pretty cryptic, and it seemed to me that he was only gathering information about her to prevent her ascent (or at least to keep a suspicious eye on it). Her answer was the first time I thought about holding him for her ...

Napoleon Wilson ♦

... Perhaps your existing book knowledge of the actual truth helped you interpret the event on the TV show that way, or I just wasn't smart / attentive enough to understand this part in the intended way.

Andrew Martin

@ Napoleon Wilson: Maybe. I could go back and spoil it if you think that way, but another point of view is this. If you're looking at Series 1, that's pretty much meaningless. Watch series 1, 2, 3, 4 and then watch series 1. You will suddenly much understand more about what they are talking about.

John Smith Optional

@NapoleonWilson, we definitely have some pretty unique problems with M & TV because of the medium we operate in: we have to a lot Establish guidelines before we get to this closing date ...


@ AndrewMartin: No offense, but I think you jumped the gun and got a little off track with your answer to the question. You have very sent ( and detailed ) explains why Varys left the city and its purpose. However, I sought an answer to his abrupt change of plans. The question will be dealt with accordingly shortly.