What is the longest penalty shootout of all time

Longest penalty shootout in history!


It took two Czech fifth division teams no less than 52 shots on penalties to determine the winner of the duel.
Two Czech fifth division teams created one of the longest penalty shoot-outs in football history. In the end, SK Batov defeated FC Frystak with 22:21, after they had stood 3: 3 after 90 minutes. Until then, the penalty record was in African hands after KK Palace had won the cup final in Namibia against the Civics in 2005 after 48 penalties 17:16. Particularly bitter: Frystak had given three "match points" with a score of 4: 4, 11:11 and 14:14. Batov's midfielder Petr Janovsky made it better in the 26th round and scored before Jan Hrebacka put the ball over the bar. There was applause and general relief on both sides that the game had finally found a winner and, above all, an end.

The Czech daily "DNES" quoted Frystak functionary Vratislav Rudolf as saying that he wanted to leave the field after the 20th round because he was expected "to have a barbecue at home". The final missed shooter, Hrebacka, said after the game that his teammates hadn't resented the missed penalty kick, but were rather happy to finally be able to go home.

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