Restarting Frasier would work today

You could compare it with Dr. House start, but that would be the legal crime thrillerShark not fair. In certain points this Sebastian Stark, nicknamed "Shark", reminds of Gregory House, but the differences predominate. Stark is a completely different asshole. He's an asshole of his own free will, with no pain. He's an asshole because it gets him ahead of his career. House is the asshole of pain, the nature of which is a hindrance to him in the medical profession. And now the bad word asshole has been used often enough.

James Woods is Sebastian Stark. Stark is a lawyer. As a criminal defense lawyer for the worst boys, his uncompromising manner made him famous. But he became even more famous for his record: Stark does not lose. He crams everyone out. Wouldn't it be great if a guy like that would work for the good side? Just. And that's where the series begins: Sebastian Stark changes sides, works from now on for the public prosecutor's office, but keeps his previous way of working. This is of course sometimes problematic for the good side, because this way of working does not necessarily have to be brought into line with the law.

Here again there is something in common with Dr. House: Both achieve the desired goal with questionable methods, and their arrogance is forgotten. But there is also something in common with Edgar Selge im Police call 110: James Woods as the star of the series is so strong that not even Michaela May would bother him by his side. Stark has a whole group of lackeys around him who do the leg work for him, and the authors even make the effort to timidly research their characters, but it cannot be overlooked: Shark is a one man show. The ensemble doesn't care. After viewing the first ten episodes, I still can't say a single name of a team member right away. Daughter's only: Julie.

Yes, because Shark actually has a second facet: A family series mixes with the fast thriller: Because teen Julie unexpectedly decides to leave her mother and move in with her divorced father, and the tough macho cannot handle this unfamiliar father role at all with the changing girlfriends . That doesn't mean he's unwilling to learn ...

The bottom line is: Who Dr. House like, should too Shark to like. And the new series fits in well with the successful Vox crime novels anyway, because it is essentially what most Vox series are: an inconspicuous sensational success. Vox seldom shows series that have generated a lot of hype. Vox series are cautious but successful. Vox doesn't have any Desperate Housewives, Vox has Criminal intent, and still just as good odds. The much vaunted 24 ran elsewhere at the same time, but saw more viewers Boston Legal on Vox. And the constant confusion in Lost was subject to the stringent and constant week after week CSI: NY.

The 2006/2007 television season produced a new fan favorite in the USA, and the hype about it was enormous. The series graced the covers of almost all relevant magazines, the main characters were celebrated on the most popular talk shows, a merchandising empire built, and in order to have room for all the discussions and theories associated with the series, the Internet probably had to grow. This series was Heroes. The most successful restart of the season in terms of audience numbers was Shark.

Shark, Mondays at 9:05 p.m. at Vox.

Michael, January 14th 2008, 7:08 am.