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👨‍🏫SuperProf experiences (2021): Is the platform serious ?!

The reviews of SuperProf on the internet are something confusing. There are 2 TrustPilot sites. One page has an average rating of 1.7 stars ⭐ and that is underground!

For the other entry, the average rating is at 4.2 stars⭐, which is actually very good. 🤷

There are accusationsthat SuperProf that Money not refundable has, although the Teacher refused has or that the Support did not respond to any email.

Furthermore, it is described that in the event of a timely termination of the Service discontinued immediately was, although the entire month was already paid with the 39 €.

In most cases it is also about 39 €, which is simple communicated far too intransparently become. You don't know what you're paying for until you've paid, plus that's a subscription too. That is not how it works.

These 39 € do not go to the teacher and it is unfortunately nowhere something of a commission on the payment side. According to reviews, this money just doesn't seem to come back in some cases despite a denied request.

There are also frustrated users, which several teachers have written to and never get an answer and have wasted their money with it.

The problem is that the teachers are not employed by SuperProf and then in principle you are "run after" the teachersmust for the hours.

A very shocking rating asserts that bad reviews of teachers are not published! This is a red flag for us, because it means that you can no longer control the quality. 🚩

On the other hand, there is the other TrustPilot site where the reviews really good are with many satisfied customers, so you have to get an idea of ​​it for yourself and always keep in mind that EVERYONE can submit a review on Trustpilot.

Here you can see all the reviewsRead Truspilot yourself:

Trust Pilot entry 1

Trust Pilot entry 2

Is SuperProf serious?

Not really, to be honest. (Our opinion)

You have to be careful which teacher you book and it's sometimes just frustrating when you've paid the € 39 for the SuperProf Pass, but the teacher doesn't suit you. Then that was it In principle, money is free

The subscription is in our opinionmuch too opaque communicates that that alone is a lack of seriousness.

According to the reviews on Trustpilot, one also hasProblems getting your money backif the requests are denied.

For us are easy too many red flags came up in the SuperProf test to recommend this platform. 🚩

We ourselves were lucky with our teacher, because he answered quickly and we quickly arranged a test lesson.

How can I cancel SuperProf?