Is the pirate bay patchy

LEGO Ideas 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay Review - Ship Ahoy!

Review of the LEGO Ideas 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay set: A 2-in-1 kit - based on the classic. UPDATE: The set is available!

Update April 1st: Sales started shortly before midnight in the LEGO online shop. As the LEGO stores are currently closed and this is an exclusive kit, the set can currently can only be purchased directly from LEGO in shop @ home. With a free membership, VIP points are collected. And: At least for some readers, after ordering, this appears in the confirmation email (but not previously in the shopping cart) 40371 Easter egg on - please also see Q&A article. For those who are undecided, here is my review of the set and the interview with the design team. If you have any further questions: feel free to ask!

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LEGO Ideas 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay in the sunshine | © Andres Lehmann

Update March 26th: Today I have that Fan designer Pablo Sánchez, the Set designer Milan Madge and Minifigure designer Austin William Carlson Interviewed about an hour live about set 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay and added some nightly shots of the Barracuda.


LEGO Ideas 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay: Captain Redbeard is back! | © Andres Lehmann

Original article from March 24th: When asked about my favorite sets, the 6285 Black Seas Barracuda still takes one of the top spots. As a child I played with the pirate ship for days and I still hold the kit in high esteem: The ship has been in a box in my father's cellar for many decades. So now the pirate bay comes onto the market - and in the following I describe whether I am picked up as a nostalgic and which of the two variants, i.e. bay or the ship as such, I like better. We set the sails and I present the Set 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay ("Pirates of Barracuda Bay") in detail.

Review video in German

We have the Pirate Bay live stream in Assembled late night presented and answered some of your questions.

Review video in English

Scope and assembly

Out 2,545 parts the set is assembled and after three evening building sessions the bay was in front of me. The instructions extend over 460 pages, of which the last 50 pages show the conversion. Because: From the bay with the wreckage of the ship, the Barracuda can be made afloat and seaworthy again (although of course the boat does not float!)

The box in the "classic pirate look": Chic!

The back shows the conversion.

First, we learn more about the fan designer Pablo Sánchez in the instructions. Numerous pictures of his design also adorn the instructions. To say it right at the beginning: The basic idea of ​​the design was retained, everything else differs significantly. Afterwards we learn more about the design team in Billund, Milan Madge and Austin Carlson are responsible for the implementation. Very nice: We also learn more about Captain Redbeard and the crew, and there is even a short comic. All around: The instructions are beautifully drawn up and accompany the joyful construction.

The fan design

Designer in Billund

And the pirates!

There is always a pleasant change: sometimes a piece of island is built before the bow and Co. of the ship are built. When assembling it is important to explore the island! It's amazing how many details Milan has put in. Here a skeleton, there a treasure chest and an artifact: yes, this island has a story all of its own!

Mysterious island!

It is also nice how the individual parts of the ship are attached: Everything is very robust and invites you to play on. Another nice solution is that the layout can be separated into two parts. However, a little care is required here: They are not connected to one another, but simply pushed together.

The two halves of the bay are pushed together.

Almost every knob is used here to create a total work of art. Not a centimeter inside the ship is wasted, details everywhere. Even a ship's galley should not be missing.

enjoy the meal!

And as with the old Barracuda, there is a captain's cabin that is in no way inferior to a modular building from the Creator Expert series in terms of furnishings!

Captain's cabin



If the ship parts are removed from the island - only a few steps are necessary - you still see a beautiful island with palm trees, some wooden buildings and said artifacts.

The ship is gone!

The bay as such is wonderful. But the real magic unfolds this set in the last few meters: Already inspired by the assembly and the re-imagining of the story, we begin to make the ship seaworthy again! Stones are removed and there is even a bag 15 with additional parts. When the Barracuda finally stands in front of you, the sails are set and the journey can begin! It is great how the charm and recognizability of the old ship have been maintained, but numerous new elements have been used to create a whole new building experience.

The bay in detail

A seagull flies over the bay!

Sun in the bay!


The flag is up!



Come in!


The colleague sits for a long time ...



Best view


The ship in detail

"Boat does not float": Unfortunately!

Everything in view!

The minifigures

Belong to the set eight very lovingly designed minifigures who also revive the crew of the old set. They also hide in the layout two skeletons. A shark, two parrots, a pig, a dinghy, cannons, gold treasures, boxes and boxes must not be missing: everything has been thought of!