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10 home remedies for heartburn

If sharp pain behind the breastbone and acidic belching severely limit the quality of life, home remedies for heartburn are a good recommendation in addition to probiotics.
Heartburn home remedies can be found on (almost) every kitchen shelf, are cheap and usually very well tolerated. We have compiled 10 home remedies for acute heartburn that will tackle the problem at the root.

the essentials in brief

  • Home remedies are gentle ways to relieve heartburn.
  • This is usually achieved by binding or neutralizing stomach acid.
  • Heartburn home remedies often work well during pregnancy as well.
  • Probiotics can promote colonization with positive intestinal bacteria and thus regulate the pH balance in the gastrointestinal tract.

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1. Eat whole grains

Heartburn help is approaching. Home remedies in the form of whole grain products are recommended. The idea behind it is simple. Whole-grain pasta, rice and bread contain a lot of starch. This in turn absorbs excess acid in the stomach and is therefore also considered a gentle home remedy for heartburn during pregnancy. With whole grain products, however, two birds can be killed with one stone. On the one hand, the feeling of satiety is served, which often falls by the wayside with pronounced heartburn symptoms. On the other hand, the strength counteracts too much stomach acid. Therefore, the consumption of whole grain products is also suitable as a preventive measure. Pressed potato juice can also help with heartburn due to its high starch content. As a nightshade plant, potatoes unfortunately also contain toxic substances (e.g. solanine under the skin; especially in green areas). To keep the solanine content as low as possible, pregnant women should use potato juice from health food stores.

Good to know!

You should definitely keep your fingers off bread made from sourdough. Due to the ingredients, it does not fall under the heartburn home remedy (acute) category. On the contrary: Sourdough can even stimulate acid production and thus aggravate the symptoms.

2. Snack on almonds

With regard to “What helps against heartburn, suitable home remedies”, almonds are also very popular. are also able to bind gastric acid. The home remedy can even relieve severe heartburn. However, those affected should chew the almonds (unsalted / unsweetened) thoroughly until they become mushy. Then this almond mass is slowly swallowed. 4 to 6 almonds are considered the optimal amount. This is also a gentle home remedy for heartburn. Pregnancy, a sensitive stomach or other factors do not negate the application.

Good to know!

Not everyone can tolerate almonds. Other heartburn home remedies can be used if you have an allergy. Unsalted pumpkin or sunflower seeds can also be chewed slowly in the mouth. In addition, chewing 1 tablespoon of oatmeal or dry rice cakes is considered a heartburn home remedy if it becomes acute.

3. Drink tea

A highly recommended heartburn home remedy is tea. Tea is particularly helpful when the burning, stabbing pain occurs not only in the chest, but also in the oropharynx and esophagus. Soothing varieties are particularly popular. Fennel or chamomile tea are known as heartburn home remedies. Tea made from caraway seeds can also soothe irritated mucous membranes and the stomach. These tea variations are very digestible and therefore highly recommended as home remedies for heartburn. Pregnancy is not an obstacle here either. The types of tea that are less suitable for heartburn include fruit tea and peppermint tea. Fruit tea contains fruit acid and thus intensifies heartburn. Due to its muscle-relaxing and gastric acid-stimulating effect, peppermint tea is not recommended for heartburn.

Good to know!

Soothing teas are particularly effective in helping with heartburn. The home remedies should ideally be bought in organic quality. In this way, heartburn sufferers can avoid any harmful substances they may contain and enjoy several cups throughout the day with a clear conscience.

4. Consume flaxseed

When it comes to home remedies for distressing heartburn, flaxseed is also worth a try. So-called mucilages sit inside them. These are released when the little helpers swell up in the stomach. In this way a protective film can be placed over the stomach wall and protect it from the aggressive stomach acid. When asked: "What helps heartburn", home remedies such as flaxseed should definitely be considered. The big extra: our intestinal flora also loves flaxseed. This home remedy is exactly the right food for our intestinal roommates and also supports the build-up of the intestinal flora.

Good to know!

With heartburn, sufferers should boil a teaspoon of flaxseed with 250 ml of water. Then the mixture is drunk slowly. It is important to take in enough liquid (around 2 liters) throughout the day. After all, flaxseed binds a lot of water in the stomach. But with sufficient fluid intake, unpleasant constipation can be avoided.

5. Perform rolling cures

If you search the Internet for: "Heartburn, causes, home remedies", you will inevitably come across roll cures. With this application, a few sips of a calming type of tea, such as chamomile tea, are taken on an empty stomach. After that the time is stopped. You should lie on your back with the chamomile tea in your stomach for five minutes. After the time has elapsed, the patients turn on their side. When five minutes have passed, it's the other side's turn. Finally, the home remedy for heartburn has to take effect while lying on your stomach. Don't forget: Before changing the position (i.e. before turning) you have to sip the tea again.

Good to know!

The purpose of rolling cures is to bring the entire gastric mucosa into contact with the soothing tea components. In particular, severe heartburn can make home remedies such as roll cures necessary.

6. Take milk to "extinguish"

If you are looking for a home remedy for heartburn in (early) pregnancy, among other things, the classic milk is often used. That is not surprising. Milk extinguishes the “fire” naturally and is usually well tolerated.
However, no home remedy for heartburn is that controversial either. Some sufferers report that cow's milk works as a natural heartburn remedy, while others say it makes the condition worse.

Heartburn - Milk: Contra

Although it is widely reported that a glass of cold milk helps relieve heartburn, scientists believe that milk can make heartburn worse. This is supported by the following facts:

- Milk has a slightly acidic pH of 4.5. The neutralization of gastric acid with a slightly acidic solution cannot work like this.

- Calcium only acts in the form of a base in heartburn, i.e. only as calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and not in its pure form (Ca) as in milk. Calcium carbonate reacts with stomach acid, which is neutralized and the pH value increases. In this way, the symptoms can be relieved quickly. Therefore, due to its acid-neutralizing effect, calcium carbonate is often used as an antacid (e.g. Rennie®).

- One glass (245 ml) whole milk approx. 8 grams of fat Studies show that fatty foods are a common trigger for heartburn.1 High-fat foods relax the muscles of the lower esophageal sphincter, thereby facilitating the reflux of stomach contents.2 Because fats take longer to digest than proteins and carbohydrates, they also delay gastric emptying. This means that the stomach empties its contents more slowly - a problem that is already common in people with heartburn.3

Heartburn - Milk: Pros

But why do some people feel that milk relieves acute heartburn? The heartburn home remedy milk is often the first choice for excruciating symptoms caused by too much stomach acid.

On the one hand, it could be a placebo effect due to the cooling effect. On the other hand, there may be the very high protein content in milk, which can neutralize stomach acid. Milk provides about 8 grams of protein per 1 cup (245 ml). A study of 217 people with heartburn also found that those who consumed more protein had fewer heartburn symptoms.1 Scientists believe that the more protein you eat, the more the gastrin concentration in your blood increases. This peptide hormone stimulates the smooth muscles of the sphincter muscle to the esophagus, whereupon it closes better again.2 So milk can be a natural remedy for heartburn after all.

Good to know!

The following question is often asked: "What helps against heartburn?" Milk is a home remedy for heartburn that has advantages and disadvantages and is tolerated very differently. If you don't want to give up milk, you can opt for a low-fat option (0-1.5%). Those who do not tolerate lactose can of course use lactose-free milk. If you are unsure about the effects of milk on heartburn, you should drink lukewarm water instead. It flushes stomach acid that has risen in the esophagus back into the stomach and dilutes it.

7. Use baking soda

Heartburn what helps? There are many suitable home remedies. This also includes baking soda, more precisely sodium hydrogen carbonate. What sounds like a chemistry kit is actually a very popular heartburn home remedy.

Heartburn - Baking Soda: Pro

Baking soda, also known as baking soda or baking soda, can neutralize excess stomach acid and temporarily relieve acid reflux symptoms. In fact, the pancreas naturally also produces sodium hydrogen carbonate to protect the intestines. It is believed that baking soda, e.g. from baking soda, mimics the effects of the natural production of sodium hydrogen carbonate in the body. In addition to calcium carbonate, antacids such as Gaviscon® also contain sodium hydrogen carbonate, which is also found in baking powder.

If you want to use the heartburn home remedy (baking powder) and there is no contraindication (see contra), you should max. 1/2 teaspoon per day Dissolve in a glass of still water. Then the mixture is drunk slowly and in sips. The use of baking soda for more than 2 weeks should be avoided.

Heartburn - Soda: Contra

If you ingest too much of it, the gas production in the stomach stimulates, which is too strong Flatulence can lead. In addition, a large amount can increase the pH of the body so much that the opposite occurs and gastric acid production is stimulated (Acid reflux).1 Soda is therefore not a permanent solution for reflux therapy.

Danger: In addition, the sodium ions are almost completely absorbed, so the heartburn home remedy is baking soda for diseases such as high blood pressure, Heart problems and Edema to avoid. Even if for other reasons Lived low in sodium has to be, should be kept away from baking soda completely.

8. Give mustard a chance

Hardly anyone thinks of mustard when it comes to heartburn, its causes and home remedies. In fact, this small ingredient also provides an answer to the question: "Heartburn home remedies, what helps?" Although there are still no conclusive studies, there are already attempts to explain why mustard seeds or mustard paste could be helpful. The grains of the cruciferous family contain mustard oil glycosides and essential oil. Both are said to have a calming and anti-inflammatory effect on the gastric mucosa. Mustard can also help digestion. This works because the ingredients stimulate the production of bile acids.

Good to know!

For heartburn, take a teaspoon of mustard. If the mustard is too hot, you can dissolve it in a small amount of water beforehand.

9. Try apple cider vinegar

People with heartburn will certainly feel queasy when trying to combat their symptoms with apple cider vinegar. That sounds like “fighting fire with fire”. However, there is a good explanation as to why vinegar can actually make sense for heartburn. It neutralizes the pH value in the stomach and can stimulate the sphincter muscle, which is located between the esophagus and stomach. Good prospects for heartburn and acid regurgitation.

Good to know!

To make the home remedy for heartburn, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar should be added to a glass of still lukewarm water. The mixture is drunk in sips after a meal and can thus counteract heartburn.

10. Chew gum

Chewing gum makes it to number 10 on our list of heartburn home remedies. Whoever chews gum automatically produces more saliva. This in turn is slightly basic and can neutralize stomach acid to a limited extent. A nice side effect is that affected people swallow more often and thus return the acid to where it belongs: in the stomach.

Good to know!

Chewing gum does not help against acute, severe heartburn. Rather, it can be used as an accompanying measure. In the best case scenario, chewing gum types that do not taste too hot are preferred. This will avoid further irritation.

Microbiotics can help with heartburn

The gastrointestinal tract houses a sensitive ecosystem, the "intestinal flora". Doctors also call them “intestinal microbiota”. These microorganisms help the digestive process and the immune response, among other things. The microorganisms in the form of “good” and “bad” bacteria maintain their balance in a healthy intestinal flora. Medicines such as antibiotics, but also proton pump inhibitors, which are often taken for heartburn, shake the sensitive balance.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 This can lead to numerous unpleasant complaints. Fortunately, there is a way to give your body's microbiome a boost with probiotics.

Microbiological preparations such as Innovall® AID contain intestinal bacteria that are considered to support a balanced intestinal flora. Since an unbalanced colonization in the intestine can also be favored by increased gastric acid production (and thus pH value changes), the use of such microbiological preparations is recommended for heartburn. Innovall® AID combines ten bacterial cultures that occur in the human intestine and play an important role. The microbiological preparation Innovall® AID ensures that the little helpers can overcome the gastrointestinal passage without damage and multiply in the intestine. The sensitive intestinal ecosystem is enriched with 5 billion highly active bacteria per day. An accompanying build-up of intestinal flora with long-term use of acid blockers is also relevant, especially to avoid lasting dysbiosis in the intestine.


Heartburn Home Remedies (Acute): What Help?

There are many home remedies available to people with heartburn. Almonds, whole grain products and milk are classics. But techniques such as roller cures or unusual home remedies such as apple cider vinegar or baking soda can also help.

Heartburn, Pregnancy, And Home Remedies: A Good Idea?

Heartburn also plagues pregnant women. Home remedies for heartburn during pregnancy are always a sensible consideration. After all, they are gentle with both mother and child. Chewing almonds, oat flakes or chewing gum as well as calming teas have proven their worth here. Sometimes a glass of low-fat milk can also help as a heartburn home remedy.

How do home remedies for heartburn work?

Heartburn home remedies can work in two different ways. On the one hand, they can bind excess stomach acid. This is especially the case with starchy home remedies. On the other hand, selected home remedies are able to neutralize stomach acid. This happens, for example, when consuming vinegar mixtures and chewing gum.