What are interesting unconventional careers in pharmacy

Pharmacy internships

"The pharmacy course does not properly reflect the professional life of a pharmacist", "the curriculum is out of date" - we have heard such sentences for years and will probably continue to hear them in years to come. Even those who - like me in Heidelberg - had to attend a quality assurance seminar that, contrary to the intention, darkened rather than illuminated the working world as an industrial pharmacist, will probably initially find a PhiP position in quality assurance or quality control less attractive. ME, life cycle management, design space, these are first and foremost the epitome of dry matter. Medical science, research and development, product management - that sounds more tangible, more promising, more exciting. Quality assurance, that sounds like dust-dry office work and “service according to specification”, the stupid and meticulous adherence to numerical values. Nevertheless, I applied, also because the course often gives a wrong insight.

And indeed: errare humanum est - so the work in the QS turned out to be extremely varied and interesting. Once you see how many different errors can lie behind an OOS (Out of Specification), from production errors to laboratory errors to simple documentation errors and the detective work it takes to find and correct the cause, you quickly realize how exciting , the work for and around product quality is varied and responsible. Even if an expensive and image-damaging batch recall can be prevented at the last second because a deliberately vague formulation in the pharmacopoeia allows a follow-up examination in consultation with the regional council, it quickly becomes clear that anything other than just blunt compliance with limit values ​​is being pursued here. Rather, each individual case must be carefully weighed up and an immense knowledge of the product must be available.

The individual review of the past market year of each product in the form of the so-called product quality review including processing of complaints and evaluation of the product with regard to the stability of the formulation within the scope of shelf life allow perspectives on the products that are likely to be unique within the company.

The fact that InfectoPharm is active in business and product fields in which the company is partly Germany or even worldwide single player on the market, i.e. a real "hidden champion", can only be a further argument for everyone who does not participate in one of the 08 / 15 “Big Pharmas”, all with largely the same product ranges, want to be accommodated. For me, the practical half-year at InfectoPharm was extremely interesting and rich in experience, there was also a very collegial and friendly atmosphere as well as an above-standard salary - all in all, a great experience that I can only recommend to everyone. "