How should I practice driving?

Practicing driving a car: is this possible without a driver's license?

Regulations for practice drives

In the saying "Practice creates masters!" there is a lot of truth. This is shown, among other things, when Learner driver sit behind the wheel of the driving school car for the very first time and try to pull away. So that driving in the driving school works better, some people use it Driving license applicant on the weekend one abandoned parking lot for driving a car or practicing the basics.

But learner drivers are allowed outside of the driving school Practice drives graduate? Which Regulations do you have to pay attention? Where can you practice driving without a driver's license to own? And threatens one punishmentif you want to with that Car practicing driving, for example use the parking lot of a supermarket? The following guide provides answers to these and other questions.

FAQ: Practice driving

Where can you practice driving without a driver's license?

Without an appropriate driver's license, the only place to drive a car or to practice driving maneuvers is closed-off private property. This can be a traffic training area, for example.

Are there any sanctions if you use a private car park to practice driving?

In the parking lots of hardware stores, shopping centers or furniture stores, the regulations of traffic law usually apply. Driving without a license can therefore also constitute a criminal offense there.

Does insurance pay if an accident occurs during a practice drive?

Yes, the vehicle owner's liability insurance covers damage to people and other vehicles after an accident. As a rule, the insurance company picks up part of the costs from the driver and the insured person.

Practicing driving a car: Do you always need a driver's license?

Learner drivers who keep their number of expensive practical hours low or who want to do a few more laps before the practical driving test, often ask themselves the question: Where can you practice driving if you don't have a driver's license?

In fact, the options in this case are relatively limited, because according to Section 2 of the Road Traffic Act (StVG), vehicles are only allowed with a corresponding one driving licence at the public transportation take part. This is primarily intended to serve traffic safety. Streets and paths are therefore not a suitable place to practice driving.

However, driving without a driver's license is permitted on one Privateif this is not accessible to other road users. So it has to be a fenced property act. However, this rule does not mean that you have to rely on everyone parking spot be allowed to practice driving. Because the parking areas of supermarkets and shopping centers can in principle be used by everyone.

Future drivers' license holders should therefore be specially trained in order to practice driving Traffic training area to seek out. In many places, people aged from 16 years develop a driving experience. For this, however, you need a Own vehicle and a suitable one Companion be brought along. To reduce the risk of an accident, the maximum speed on the site is usually 30 km / h.

Practicing driving without a driver's license: Can you face a penalty?

People that without a license Practice driving in public traffic with the car, make yourself punishable. For the Driving without a license threaten according to ยง 21 StVG Fine or one Imprisonment up to a year. Learner drivers may even have to use a Spear time calculate for the acquisition of the driver's license. In addition, the practice drive also has consequences for the holder of the vehicle.

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Practicing driving a car: is this possible without a driver's license?
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