What affects the cost of installing bricks

New roof tiles, a look at the cost

Roof tiles: costs for the client

The roof tile costs are mainly dependent on the material of the selected goods: The different qualities make it possible to cover the roof at very different prices.

  • The heavy concrete roof tiles are particularly cheap. Calculate costs of EUR 20 per square meter for this, including the installation.
  • Also in the inexpensive range are the traditionally popular double hollow tiles, this roof covering will cost you around 25 to 30 EUR per square meter including laying.
  • For monk and nun bricks that are used in combination, you pay a price of approx. 45 to 55 EUR per square meter.
  • Simple flat roof tiles are not very expensive: you should calculate around 25 EUR per square meter for this.
  • The most expensive variant is the slate roofing. Count on costs from 80 EUR per square meter upwards. Fiber cement panels look like slate and are much cheaper to get, so you can cut your roof tile costs.

You should consider that!

Note that you need a particularly stable roof structure to use concrete tiles. Clay tile types such as monk, nun and beaver tail tiles cannot be laid on every roof: the roof pitch has to be over 40 degrees.

Also keep in mind that the roof tile costs including laying can vary regionally. In rural regions you can expect rather low prices, in metropolitan areas the costs increase.

Example project: Covering a 200 sqm roof area

A homeowner has his roof covered with a combination of monk and nun tiles. The roof has a slope in the normal range. The builder buys material for EUR 40 per square meter, the roofer lays the tiles for EUR 12 per square meter.

Cost overviewprice
Clay bricksEUR 8,000
rooferEUR 2,400
totalEUR 10,400

Roof tiles: save costs?

Covering the same roof with fiber cement panels would only have cost a little more than half, so homeowners can save a lot when choosing materials.

However, you shouldn't lower the price of the roof tiles at the expense of quality: after all, your roofing should last a long time and look good!

Remember that in addition to the costs of the roof tiles, you also have to plan money for various additional structures: the rain gutters, downpipes and the formation of valleys also have their price.

An angled roof quickly becomes a high cost factor, and chimneys and steep roof slopes also drive up the price.

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