What is the LTE CPE

4G LTE CPE with WIFI and SIM slot to repeat mobile internet exterior router

CPE external antenna Directional slot SIM WIFI 2 LAN and PoE.
Give you high-speed, up to 32 users at a time, better click to enjoy wireless wherever you install vlo.

Features at a glance:
- The WiFi router 4G offers a wireless transmission speed of up to 300Mbps
- Produce a hotspot WiFi of 2.4 GHz with a powerful WiFi hotspot
- The Internet connection is released to 32 wi-fi users
- Internal antenna, dual, signal selectable 4G / 3G
- With a sleek and slim design to perfectly match your home
- With the on-screen LED indicator, you can find the state easily

Smart chip takes the chip MTK7620. Equipped with 2 x 2 MIMO 300 mbit / s WIFI to meet the wireless range of the complex area. The wide range of wireless transmission and high speed allows you to surf the Internet with your family or friends at the same time and without delay

Enjoy 4G WiFi
With 2 internal antennas, supports WiFi 2.4 GHz, WiFi speed up to 300 mbit / s, effectively reduces the same interference in frequency, the range of wireless transmission, eliminates dead zones, allows you to enjoy wireless freedom from anywhere in your home. Comes with an optional POE socket-220v / 24v connect so you can surf the Internet anytime, anywhere

Supports encryption WPA / WPA2, WPS button, just press the WPS button, you can reach the configuration of the wireless encryption easily, prevent others from stealing your network and active defense against threats from others, you will have an experience of powerful network for surfing, chatting, online, without risk

To avoid interference caused by radio signals, place the device at least 1 m away from the phone and other electrical devices.
To prevent unauthorized people from accessing your WiFi network, it is recommended to change the password of SSID and WiFi.
Material: ABS
Usage: Sends the WiFi signal
Max. Data rate LAN 100Mbs
Standards and protocols: wi-fi 802.11 b / g / n
Supports WPS: yes
Type: wiring
Often supported Wifi: 2.4G

* 32 users support
* FDD of up to 150 mbps DL / 50 mbps UL, support 3G / 2G
* Directional antenna with built-in
* Outdoor waterproof cap
* 2 LAN ports
* Power supply POE 24V

Form factor LTE CPE
Network interface, 2 * lan
SIM 2FF mini-sim
Reset button
Input voltage POE: 24V-1A
Solution routing and delivery - chipset WiFi MTK
Routing and BASE chipset WiFi model MT7620N
Information on routing and processor WiFi IEEE 80 2.11 a / b / g / n
DDR / SPI 64MBytes / 8MBytes
Software language Chinese and English
APN settings supported
Device settings compatible
Routing configuration supported
Configuration of the firewall compatible
LED compatible
Operating temperature -10 to 60 ° C
Storage temperature -20 to 70 ° C
Humidity 5% to 95%
Feature description
Module form factor
Interface ID compatible with mini PCI Express card
SIZE 51 * 30 * 5mm
The information on the processor wireless CAT4
Slot USIM / SIM interface SIM card on standard SIM 6
SIM card 3V and 1.8V SIM card
RF antenna primary internal antenna
Preserved, diversity antenna, internal antenna
- Band: GSM Band 2/3/5/8 (CUSTOMIZABLE)
- Band UMTS band 1/2/5/8 (CUSTOMIZABLE)
MIMO-su-MIMO-wireless-2 × 2 DL for LTE and HSPA
Max. Transmission power for LTE wireless - + 23dBm
WCDMA: + 24dBm (performance class 3)
Standard technology UMTS / LTE-WCDMA: HSDP DL 7.2 Mbps
FDD-LTE: UL 50 mbps; DL150Mbps
Start of the 3GPP-FDD-LTE 3GPP version 9