Why was Tutankhamen's tomb so important

Pharaoh Tutankhamun - the little king

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Be king once! Or queen! Sitting on the throne with a golden crown, swinging the scepter and telling the adults what to do - what a fairytale dream of a child. There was once such a little king, more than 3000 years ago in Egypt: Tutankhamun.

When he was nine years old, he was crowned Pharaoh. And for the Egyptians a pharaoh was much more than a king, he was almost like a god. But Tutankhamun's life is far from fairytale. The Child King doesn't have much to say. Officials, priests and generals set the tone. Tutankhamun dies at the age of 18. Was he killed or was it an accident? To this day, his death remains a mysterious riddle.

More than 3000 years later, Tutankhamun's mummy is found and examined using the latest technology. That works because it is very well preserved.

On November 4, 2007, Tutankhamun's mummy was unveiled to the public for the first time, the linen towels were removed and presented to the public.

The Egyptians believed in life after death. That is why they give their dead treasures to the grave and mummify the corpse.

The tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered in the Valley of the Kings on November 4, 1922 by the British archaeologist Howard Carter. The grave is carved into rock, its entrance inconspicuous. Carter makes a sensational find with it.

By this time, all the pharaohs' graves discovered had been plundered. This not ...

This burial chamber is full of precious treasures and valuable wall paintings and in the middle there is a stone coffin. Inside is another coffin and another. The third coffin is made entirely of gold. Carter and his team open it up ...

They got to see the pharaoh Tutankhamun. His head and chest are covered with a mask made of pure gold. Eleven kilograms of gold were used for this.

The priceless mask is exhibited in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, but it is also sent to many other museums.

After all, she made the little king the most famous pharaoh of Egypt.