How are independent artists discovered?

Jamendo, the gold mine for music: 40,000 independent artists can be discovered free of charge

LUXEMBOURG, Jan. 29 / PRNewswire / - With Jamendo, music lovers can discover and compile music without a subscription.

In the age of on-demand streaming, it becomes difficult to see beyond the big players in music. You determine the news and you often hear from the same well-known artists over and over again. However, at the same time, new songs and artists are being discovered in unexpected places. Over the past 10 years, Jamendo has developed into a reference platform for talents who might be on the verge of a big breakthrough - these artists start from nowhere and already sound like the world stars of tomorrow. 40,000 artists from 150 countries already trust Jamendo and share more than half a million songs that can be streamed and downloaded for free.

Jamendo music is presented in different ways: playlists organized by topic, radios or charts by genre, tips from the editors of new releases or new talent. Discovering new things is exciting and encouraged. Users can also search for similar music based on songs, albums or artists.

Music lovers can easily collect and discuss music. You can compile your own library of favorites, create your own playlists, and comment and rate each piece of music.

"Using a simple model in which music is freely shared and interacted with, Jamendo manages to create a stronger connection between musicians and their fans, as well as encourage the discovery of independent music. It is a gold mine for everyone Music lovers, "said Emmanuel Donati, Jamendo CEO.

Information about jamendo

Jamendo is a worldwide independent music community where 40,000 artists share more than 500,000 songs that can be streamed and downloaded for free. Jamendo supports independent artists by licensing their songs for commercial use (film, TV, commercials, background music in stores, etc.). This creates a fair turnover for them.

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