How did Kryptonite come to earth

Superman and Kryptonite

Because there was the red sun Rao on Krypton, while there is the yellow sun on Earth. In addition, krypton is smaller than the earth and the kryptonite had a different chemical composition on krypton due to the red sun and the changed gravity - in contrast to earth. Kryptonite is harmless to humans and only dangerous to deadly for Kryptonians like Superman or Supergirl.

In addition, the kryptonite that exists on earth are nothing more than earth particles of krypton, which, like Superman, in whose spaceship, after the explosion, was thrown through space and landed on earth and thus the radiation in space was exposed.

The yellow sun makes a Kryptonian strong, this applies to the entire people, not only to Superman, it is the same with the Daxamites, to whom Sodam Yat belongs, who develop similar superpowers under a yellow sun. But since Daxam has a red sun, the Daxamites have no super powers. Only when their red sun turns yellow, as was the case shortly before Blackest Night, when Sodam Yat sacrificed himself, did the superpowers of the Daxamites come to light. However, in contrast to the Kryptonians, it is very good that Daxam has a red sun, because while the Kryptonians were researchers, the Daxamites are nationalist fascists.

But digressing enough from the subject.

Just as the red sun prevents a Kryptonian from developing superpowers and kryptonite was harmless on his own planet because it was neither exposed to cosmic radiation nor has the dangerous chemical composition like cryoptonite on earth, it is exactly the opposite under a yellow sun, under which a Kryptonian develops superpowers and can die due to the radioactive radiation of the kryptonite on earth through this mineral.

At least that's what I know. I'm not a super mangeek and I've just scratched it from my memory now.

If it is not entirely true, please correct ^^

After Superman became more and more implausible, for example he could move planets without any problems in the past, which is physically not possible, since he would have destroyed the planet with such an action with the mass and the speed he had to bring up, one decided his powers to adapt to the laws of physics and gradually the kryptonite - which was actually only used in the radio broadcast of the 1940s out of necessity to explain the changed voice of Superman's because his regular speaker was ill - was made into a mineral with a background story also explain why it is dangerous for Kryptonians but not dangerous for humans.

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