What are the Japanese Holidays

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National holidays

National holidays in Japan in 2020

If a national holiday falls on a Sunday, then it stays on its appointment. As compensation for the missed (work) day off, the following Monday becomes a day off, a so-called "compensation holiday".
If there is a working day between two public holidays, this will also be officially approved as a "bridging day".


01.01.20New Years Day
13.01.20Adult day
(always the 2nd Monday in January - earlier fixed January 15th)
11.02.20Day of the founding of the state
23.02.20Birthday of the emperor
24.02.20Compensation holiday
20.03.20Beginning of spring
29.04.20Showa era day
(new name since 2007, formerly "Green Day")
03.05.20Constitution Day
04.05.20Day of the Green
05.05.20Children's day
06.05.20Compensation holiday
23.07.20Day of the sea
24.07.20Sports day
10.08.20Day of the mountain
21.09.20Day of Reverence to Old Age
(since 2003 always the 3rd Monday in September - previously it was fixed on September 15th)
22.09.20Beginning of autumn
03.11.20Day of culture
23.11.20Day of thanks for work