How much money do painters make

2.350 €

29.150 €

Painter and varnisher - average salary

The average salary for painters and varnishers is € 2,350 gross per month (approx. € 29,150 gross per year), which is € 749 (-24%) lower than the average monthly salary in Germany.
Salaries for painters and varnishers range between a minimum of € 1,850 gross per month and a maximum of over € 3,890 gross per month.

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Salary painters and varnishers - distribution

trained professionals

3.000 €

trained professionals

37.200 €

The salary for trainees and employed painters and varnishers is set by collective agreements, so there are uniform minimum wages for painters and varnishers across Germany, which one can expect.
Minimum wage in the painting and varnishing trade (as of May 2020): unskilled workers with simple auxiliary jobs receive a minimum wage of 11.10 euros per hour. Journeyman with a journeyman's certificate and employees without a journeyman's certificate who carry out specialist work receive 13.50 euros per hour nationwide (West and East).
Unskilled painters and young apprentices can expect lower salaries, while qualified profiles such as foremen or painters and varnishers with a master's degree can earn better.

Painter and varnisher - salary differences

Master painter€ 3,310 / month


Painter foreman€ 2,800 / month


Painter's assistant1,810 € / month


Apprenticeship painter varnisher€ 590 / month


How much does a painter and varnisher earn? Salaries based on work experience

A painter and varnisher with less than 3 years of professional experience starts with an average starting salary of around € 1,800 gross per month. With 4-9 years of experience, the wages for painters and varnishers can rise up to around € 2,300, while a painter and varnisher with more than 10 years of professional experience can expect remuneration of around € 3,000. The average salary for painters and varnishers with over 20 years of professional experience is € 3,200.

How do age and work experience affect the salary for painters and varnishers?

at the end of the career▲ +36%
trained professionals▲ +28%
Average salary€ 2,350 / month
With professional experience▼ -2%
Young professionals▼ -23%


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The salary data on this page is based on an estimate of the salary information in job advertisements for painters and varnishers published on Jobted in the last 12 months, as well as on other publicly available sources (e.g. collective agreements, minimum wage law).

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