Golds Gym offers family membership plans

Gold’s Gym is coming to Berlin!

Venice Beach, Arnold Schwarzenegger, pure testosterone and muscles as far as the eye can see. This is Gold’s Gym - the world's Mr. Os have been forged here for half a century. The place of worship can also be seen in the documentary “Pumping Iron” and arouses emotions in many of us. That is why Gold’s Gym is also the Mecca of bodybuilding and has been writing history for decades - and it is precisely this story that is now being continued in Germany's capital.

Gyms that have been closed for months, only home workouts possible, little prospect of improvement - the situation could hardly be worse for gyms. And there comes Gold’s Gym and will not be deterred by all of this - this iconic US brand comes to Germany like Phoenix from the ashes, the golden logo shines on us like the sun and sheds light on this hopeless situation and the cloudy December days. As strong as founder and bodybuilder Joe Gold, Gold’s Gym cannot be dissuaded from conquering the German market - despite Corona.

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Planning and construction in the midst of the corona pandemic were a great challenge, which, according to Rainer Schaller, owner of Gold's Gym and founder and CEO of the RSG Group, will pay off: "It was important for us to act quickly to set an example, that we are serious about Gold's Gym and to show everyone in which direction the brand will develop. "

In Berlin Spandau, the flagship studio will open in 2021 as soon as the gyms are allowed to reopen. If you have heavy irons in your head, you will be 100% happy here - or where else can you find dumbbells up to 150 (!!!) kilograms - gold-plated of course? If you can get it up, you can also grab Thor's hammer or Excalibur! The largest and best equipped free weights area in Europe also includes the best equipment from Gym80, a posing room and a 300 square meter outdoor area. There will be no shortage of service either. Above all, qualified specialist staff who are precisely tailored to the needs of ambitious athletes should convince.

The flagship gym should set new standards in the industry and help the US giant not only gain a foothold in Germany, but also send a big exclamation mark to the competition. Only a few months have passed since the takeover of Gold’s Gym by the global fitness market leader RSG Group, but the direction of the brand is clear: The focus here is clearly on the training success of ambitious athletes. And if you really accelerate in the gym, you also have to regenerate well, otherwise the best training won't do anything. Therefore, there is also a wellness area with a sauna, including a relaxation room.

Advance sales have already started for interested athletes: here and on site at Paulsternstraße 22, 13629 Berlin. Membership starts at 30 euros and for the first 500 members there is also a limited Gold’s Gym shirt.