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Our 3 favorite brands for sustainable, sexy underwear

Buying second-hand clothes is incredibly fun, good for the environment and for your wallet. When it comes to used underwear, however, love stops.

Nevertheless, I don't want to do without sustainability or beautiful clothes when it comes to lingerie and underwear. And at some point every “Unnerbuch” breaks, and something new has to be found.

Fortunately, there is now a great selection of companies that produce high-quality, sustainable and yet (or perhaps because of that?) Absolutely attractive underwear. Because yes, I want to be sustainable in my underwear and feel sexy!

If you feel the same way, today I want to introduce you to my favorite brands for sustainable underwear, which I have tested for a long time and found to be fantastic. Maybe there is something for you too!

Organic basics

Disclaimer: In this context, I also have to officially write that I was contacted by Organic Basics and received PR samples. However, this contribution has not been commissioned, nor is it paid for.

One of our absolute favorite brands for beautiful, high-quality and long-lasting basic underwear (which is still sexy) is Organic Basics *!

In addition to activewear, tops and t-shirts, you can get hold of underpants, bras, thongs and socks at Organic Basics. Both men and women will find what they are looking for here. All parts are kept very simple and should feel good under your clothes without shining through or leaving unsightly marks on your bottom.

Organic Basics caught our eye again and again on social media. Many Greenfluencers have already enjoyed the great quality of the "Basic" parts and made us extremely curious.

Coincidentally, just as I was looking for new strings, Organic Basics wrote to us and sent us some of their products as PR samples. I received 4 black strings * and a pair of white tennis socks *. Packaged plastic-free, which I personally think is really great.

Admittedly: At first I was a little put off by the prices at Organic Basics. And certainly this brand is rather expensive, and therefore not something for everyone. Nevertheless, I have to say that I was really convinced by the price-performance ratio. After a year of weekly use and thus many washes (at 60 ° C), the thongs and socks are still in perfect condition.

They are super stable and comfortable and during the day they are really neither noticeable nor visible. I even wear them to sleep at night because they are so comfortable and I feel wonderfully sexy with them.

The tennis socks may not be super sexy, but super thick and cozy, and they keep you super warm. I've already worn them on long hikes and my feet were cozy and warm the whole time.

But the socks are not only perfect for hiking, also for yoga (hello Shavasana) or just to hang around on the couch. In my case, cheaper socks either slip through extremely quickly or shrink. This has never happened to me with the Organic Basics socks. So I will definitely reorder some of them. I will also get the strings in beige for the next summer so that I can wear them under dresses and skirts.

Since I have a slightly larger bust size, I did not dare to wear the bras from Organic Basics. Supposedly they are supposed to be something for smaller breasts, I've read. If you have experienced the opposite, you are welcome to write it to me in the comments. 🙂 But I still wanted to give this as a hint to consider.

erlich textile

Probably my very favorite fair underwear brand is erlich textiles *. Somehow everything is included at erlich-Textil: briefs, strings, basics, lace, bras, bodies, onesies, leggings, for men, for women, for children and everyone else. In the meantime, there are even bed linen, towels and tea towels from erlich Textil.

For erlich Textil, being a sustainable and fair brand means that fair production conditions prevail, natural and sustainable organic textiles are processed, and the end products have a timeless design that is not subject to any short-term fashion trends. In my opinion, they really got to the point with the design, and still didn't create any boring (under) clothing.

My love for this brand began with the “Amelie *” bralette that I bought a few years ago. Back then I was looking for an alternative to my padded underwire bras, in which I always felt so incredibly trapped.

I quickly found what I was looking for at erlich Textil. The “Amelie” bralette was exactly what I was looking for: pretty and sexy, with a bit of lace, but still simple and comfortable. The wearing comfort is just super comfortable, it doesn't leave any unsightly marks and still provides support. The bras from erlich Textil are also absolutely suitable for larger breasts. I have a C-cup (a little more shortly before my period) and got the bralette in a 40. Later a second "Amelie *" was added, as well as "Edith *" and "Clara *".

The "Ophelia *" bralette is beautiful and more of a sexy lingerie. I even like to wear it under white T-shirts, and then enjoy the playful shimmering of the top. But only on days when I feel good. 😉

Just a little hint: I would definitely only wash the bralettes by hand in the future, whether with or without lace! Unfortunately, they shrink somewhat in the washing machine (at 40 ° C).

For me, an absolute recommendation to buy from erlich Textil are above all the bodies! I now have the "Emma *" body in black twice, once the "Alma *" t-shirt body and the "Thea *" long-sleeved body.

By the way, who has ever wondered how to go to the toilet with bodies: The bodies Alma and Thea have buttons at the bottom that you cannot feel when you are wearing them, but which can then be opened when you go to the toilet. Body "Emma" does not have a button, but it is so stretchy that you can easily push it to the side. So everything is easy - you don't have to get naked in the toilet with the bodies from erlich Textil to be able to pee.

Now, while writing, I first realized how much underwear I have from erlich textiles: D All of the products were bought myself - out of conviction!

The prices of erlich textiles are quite fair and reasonable - not too expensive, but not super cheap either. They are also high-quality and fairly produced products - but also with fair prices. That probably makes erlich-Textil my absolutely favorite underwear brand!


I also became aware of the underwear brand "Anekdot *" via social media.

Anekdot produces sustainable upcycling underwear. This does not mean that they polish up used underwear, but that the panties, bras and bodies by anekdot are made from fabric and excess waste from conventional underwear production. In some cases, fabrics from production closures are also bought up. The point here is to use up existing material and to keep scraps of fabric from the rubbish bin.

The designs are based on the available materials and not the other way around (as is usually the case). All models are therefore always limited to a certain number. The lingerie is handmade in Poland and Berlin.

So much attention to detail and effort is of course not cheap. Anekdot bras cost between € 70 and € 80, while panties start at € 35.

But here, too, the price is absolutely justified. You get limited, beautiful, high-quality and attractive lingerie.

Two years ago I bought my beautiful black lace bra at Anekdot, which is no longer available in this form due to the company's philosophy with this lace.

I still wear the beautiful piece almost every week, and I am happy every time, and I enjoy the really excellent quality. Even without lined cups or hangers - or perhaps because of that - I feel very comfortable in them.

Our conclusion

Sustainable underwear can be damn sexy and is of higher quality than some major underwear brands. In terms of price, the products are not really cheap, but quality and environmental awareness have their fair price.

Which sustainable underwear brands should we still get to know? Let us know your recommendations in the comments!

* Affiliate link: If you shop through links with an asterisk, we receive a small commission. That doesn't change anything about our recommendations or the price of the parts you choose.

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