Are motorcycles dangerous in New York?

Neighborhoods New York - Which ones are dangerous, where to stay, which to visit?

Why this article on Neighborhoods in New York ?

Good to know:

  • où Choose your hotel,
  • Where are the best restaurants?
  • if there is dangerous neighborhoods,
  • where you feel the real city that lives
  • where you can walk quietly ...

I usually do a little bit of studying the different parts of the city to fully understand and locate the places in advance. This way I can better orient myself on site and my hotel in the best neighborhood in New York.

Coco proverb: Well-informed ants know how to better handle it!

I will schematize by saying that the city new York is organized into 5 major "neighborhoods": Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

These 5 "districts" themselves consist of several sub-districts.

Neighborhoods in New York - Manhattan

Manhattan is known all over the world as Heart of New York. It is the richest district of the city, home to one of the largest financial centers in the world, but also the United Nations headquarters, numerous corporate headquarters, large universities ...

The main district of Manhattan are: Downtown, TriBeCa, SoHo, China Town, Lower East Side, Greenwich Village and East Village.

Manhattan is one of the most interesting districts for tourists, but above all one of the safest in new York. Here I have selected my hotel for my next stay: HOTEL 31 (See this hotel when booking)

Tired ants sleep better in a comfortable and safe place!

I dedicated an entire article to him to help understand this place and its little neighborhoods. I invite you to discover it in the article: New York - Manhattan neighborhoods

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Neighborhoods in New York - Brooklyn

Brooklyn has become a fashionable residential area. This district remained independent for a very long time and was not incorporated into New York City until 1898.

It is also a place where there are high crime areas and therefore dangerous for tourists ... see:New York - Brooklyn neighborhoods

Brooklyn is at southeast of Manhattan across the East River.

the famous Brooklyn Bridge connects this neighborhood with Manhattan. The subdistricts are numerous, but here are the most famous:

  • Dumbo is between Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Williamsburg (an art and nightlife hotspot)
  • Coney Island (right on the beach and known for these amusement parks)
  • Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope are residential and green neighborhoods

Neighborhoods in New York - Queens

Residential and industrial area, it is the district where the city's two main airports are located. JFK et La Guardia.

Geographically, Queens is east of Manhattan, north of Brooklyn and south of the Bronx, and this in itself makes up many neighborhoods or boroughs:

Long Island City, Jackson Heights, Flushing Northeast, Forest Park, Jamaica, The Rockaways ...

Unfortunately, the vast majority of tourists do not go to Queens. They go there to get the airports but don't go there to visit them.

However, a real visit to Queens is definitely worth it, as each district of this district has its own typical shops, traditional cuisine and its own festivals and events ... in short, its own identity!