What is a Tatkaal Pass

Can I leave India for a long time with a Tatkal Pass?

According to the Tatkaal system, passport applications are processed faster than the usual deadlines submitted via Passport Seva Kendra.

While there have been isolated reports of Tatkaal-issued passports being canceled while the holder was abroad, an existing newspaper article suggests that this was the result of police findings.

As of January 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs eased the process and removed the screening requirement for eligible applicants, which should allay the concerns of those who use Tatkaal to travel. For those in need of a review, integrated technology has made the process faster.

After widespread coverage and some misunderstanding, the ministry clarified the police review of passports on a question posed by parliament:

[D] The government does not intend to abolish police verification of passports.

Discussions were held between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior about the connection of the Crime and Crime Prosecution Network and Systems (CCTNS) to the Passport Seva Project (PSP). This speeds up the process and reduces the time it takes to issue the passport.

The Ministry has taken a number of innovative measures to minimize the delay in completing the police review process:

  1. Through the digital integration of the District Police Headquarters (DPHQS) into the PSP.
  2. The ministry has launched the mPassport Police app for rapid Police Verification Report (PVR) filing. The app would make it easier for verification officers at field level to record the PVR digitally in the system.

With the launch of this app, the downloading and printing of the physical form and questionnaire would no longer be required, resulting in an end-to-end paperless digital flow of the police review process, further reducing the time required to complete the PVR.