How can I get free OneDrive storage

Unlock more OneDrive storage for free

Benjamin Schischka

Microsoft offers 15 GB of free OneDrive storage (formerly known as SkyDrive) by default. However, with a few tricks you can turn it into 23 GB - without having to pay a euro.

EnlargeExpand OneDrive storage for free - that's how it works

Word has long got around that you can add a few tricks to the meager 2 GB of your Dropbox for free. Less known: Microsoft's OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive) can also be topped up completely free of charge. With these tricks, you can make 8 GB more - namely 23 GB - from the 15 GB that every user now receives.

Download: OneDrive for Windows and Mac

3 GB OneDrive storage especially for app users

If you use the OneDrive app for your smartphone or tablet, you can set the automatic photo upload of all photos taken with the device in the app's settings. The pictures go to a specially created folder in your OneDrive account, of course not publicly visible. Windows Phone users can find the option in the smartphone settings, not in the app settings. The option is "Backup, Photos" and lets you determine the quality of the upload and whether the upload should only take place with a WLAN connection. If you check the box for auto upload, you will receive 3 GB of additional OneDrive storage.

OneDrive, Dropbox & Co. in comparison

Refer friends and get 5 GB of OneDrive storage

Log in to and click on "Get more storage" in the lower left corner. Alternatively, visit this link right away: Next, click the "Get Free Storage" button. There is a link available that guarantees everyone who registers with OneDrive 0.5 GB of free extra storage space. As a link provider, you too will receive the 0.5 GB bonus for every registration made via the link. For example, via the following link, the first ten users will permanently receive an extra 0.5 GB if you use it to register with OneDrive:

Microsoft allows a maximum of 5 GB of free extra storage in this way. Just by referring friends, 20 GB of OneDrive storage is possible, if you include the 15 GB starting credit. Together with the automatic photo upload (see above), you now have 23 GB.