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iPhone 5 to do it yourself - with instructions

Not everyone can own an iPhone 5 - that much is certain. With the new paper iPhone 5, however, this has changed, because as long as you have a printer you can now make your own Apple iDevice. This means that you can test whether you can handle such a long display at all in everyday life.

For many people, the iPhone 5 or a smartphone in general is still unwieldy. It is therefore not bought from the outset. From now on you now have the opportunity to make a paper dummy and carry it around with you. In this way, you can perfectly test how such a smartphone performs in everyday life.

The part was made by our colleagues from MacRumors, who also created a PDF file uploaded, printed out and then edited. The iPhone to be cut out here, however, has a whopping 5 inches and should actually prepare for the next generation of iPhones, should it receive a 5-inch display. Just try it out.


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