What makes a startup attractive to investors?

Investor Readiness: This is what investors expect from the seed phase to the IPO

This concerns the requirements in the run-up to the IPO for admission to trading on the stock exchange, such as:

  • a prescribed minimum market capitalization of the selected stock exchange segment
  • the size of the company and the minimum equity
  • the age of society
  • the preparation of a stock exchange prospectus
  • determining the issuing bank or
  • the determination of the company valuation as part of a due diligence.

After the IPO, high accounting requirements, comprehensive transparency regulations, regular investor reporting and continuous investor relations must be met. This usually requires the company to set up its own investor relations department.

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Conclusion: investor readiness for start-ups

While the start-up team and the personal relationship between investors and founders are still in focus in the seed phase, the focus shifts in the following phases towards market presence, product, professionalization of company processes and strong growth.

The requirements for transparency and reporting are constantly increasing, as are the reporting and reporting obligations, which in an IPO reach their maximum with the sometimes quarterly reporting to investors.

It is also advisable to involve experts in calculating the company value as well as in the participation agreements in order to avoid conflicts between the parties in later financing phases and not to be disadvantaged as a founder.

Author: Für-Gründer.de editors

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