Can ferrets eat rats or mice?

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I know - I've probably discussed it many times. But which animal really helps against rats?

We have a very old farm yard and have always placed poison against rats in inaccessible places. Even so, we cannot avoid rats altogether.

Now I have the annoying story that rats apparently sneak into my poultry box at night - and eat my chicks away. A month ago only the chest was eaten out. Then I pushed stones in front of any gaps and it was quiet. Last night, after a long break, a chick had to believe in it again :( the critters always get through somewhere.

Now I wonder which animals might help against such cheeky rats. Guinea pig? Guinea fowl? I've read a lot and don't know what really gives you a chance. I can hardly lock a ferret in the chicken box ... even tips on how to close the stall / box better doesn't help, because it is a huge horse box with a vault where chickens, ducks and peacocks can be found, it is purely structural not possible to make everything 100% tight :(

Thank you very much - I hope for ideas.

So that's not true with the guinea pigs. I can say from my own experience that at some point the rats will sit happily cleaning themselves next to the sea ice. (Has been tried in the Schönbrunn Zoo). I've never heard that guinea fowl are supposed to scare off rats.

It works with crows if you nail a dead member of the same species in a clearly visible way. Rats are also very intelligent, maybe a dead, presented representative scares off ???

a big, brave cat that at least catches all the young rats helps. If they are killed regularly, at least no more rats will move in that want to stay. Cats only help to a limited extent against brown rats. Otherwise, you can only build a small stable in the stable, in which you lock the chicks at night.

We already have cats and dogs :-(

Build an extra stable - I don't know. That takes too long, and if you have a huge yard you naturally ask yourself whether it makes sense to build an additional barn ... and an enclosure in the enclosure ... what crap :-(

Don't you want to take in a few more cats?
Wild cats are caught again and again by the animal welfare and when they cannot go back, they look for a place where the "wild cats" can be released. These "wild cats" actually catch everything that cannot escape quickly enough.

It is too much work for my 3 house cats to catch rats. After all, begging at the front door is easier if you are hungry and grandma will eventually get weak. "Wildcats" are only fed once a day and they can live right in the barn. They haven't learned to beg and so they go for anything that can be caught.

The chicks / the stable can be secured more easily against "wild" cats than against rats.

Rats are said to have something against the smell of dogs. I have a dog and I had a rat problem.

I brushed the dog off where the chicks were killed. So dog hair remained. I also put a pile of dogs there: rotwerd (but so that the chicks had no contact with it.)
That worked! I then had no more signs of rats. I better locked up the chicks, but you can't do that.

No - we don't want any more cats. Somehow the cats (at least ours) only catch mice and rarely go after the rats. But for that they like to empty the swallow's nests - so you somehow get from the rain into the eaves ...

... sorry ... I know - I'm not an easy case * laugh *

... probably the only thing that really helps is to make the current stable more and more tight. And always looking for new gaps.

I was just hoping that something like guinea pigs or something would be a natural solution: laugh

Only structural measures and a decent terrier can help.

... we have a terrier: roll

As I said, the rats come at night, and I don't want to lock my poor Fiete in the stable lane night after night.

I can see - I have to build ... a shame - I could have guinea pigs right away * laughs *

Geese do not tolerate rats in the barn. They're killing everyone one by one.

Hello there
Maybe hire the exterminator.
He has learned how to decimate the rats to such an extent that the remaining rats emigrate.
It costs money, but it also helps.


Guinea pigs definitely don't help, that's an old wives' tale.
The only thing that helps is to make the stable rat-proof, poison, traps, Jack Russel, big fat cat, I couldn't think of more

I might try with the geese.

Exterminator is pointless - as I said, we have a very old farm with, for example, old manure channels, etc. In addition, feed from the horses is always left lying around. You just have a rat every now and then on a farm, you will never completely exterminate it. We don't see them walking around either, so we don't really have a rat problem. If someone didn't tamper with my chicks from time to time, then I wouldn't even know that we currently have any.

i have had a kitten since the beginning of the year ... i didn’t know it before… it haunts me every day without a lie… at least 2 critters at ... moles..something dark ... i accept young rats .. mice ... and sparrows

not every cat eats the same ...

Well, I have 5 dogs and a lot more rats ...
The cats here at home occasionally bring up a rat, they are really big creatures too, but only now and then, that doesn't make any sense.
Although I don't even have poultry at home, they live here ...
I also have geese and guinea fowl and feral domestic cats on the property where my animals are, the rats don't bother at all!
Rats are always and everywhere but not always the same: they move on and the next ones come.
Not called brown rats for nothing ...

How about if you just pour concrete all around the chicken coop?

Rats are also very intelligent, maybe a dead, presented representative will put you off
Yes, they eat him with pleasure, that's how the creatures are knitted, they don't let anything go to waste!

Try the rat foam, our brown rats haven't used the old rat poison blocks for a long time!
If you have a mini stream behind your house you could almost despair!

The best pied piper is the marten. That's why I never get the idea to put him off here. The chickens are safely locked up at night when he starts his hunt.
If a chick pen is not completely sealed, you are guaranteed to feed the mice with it. The chick feed would be too expensive for me.


Pudding says it all: Get the racumin poison foam from Bayer, it helps reliably, and you can neither be afraid of bait nor traps!

Otherwise: martens help, but they do not exterminate the rats, always only take individual ones and under no circumstances choose them as the main prey, because they are simply too defensive as adults.
A fox would certainly help, but it would also prefer more nutritious, larger chunks.

I'll give you a tip!
go to youtube to watch videos that revolve around "ratting with terriers". They are mostly English-speaking, but you can see very clearly how quickly and effectively you can take action against rats with terriers! Take a look at that, see how your options are, and then go for it with your terrier ... It may seem cruel to rats, but it is always faster and more natural than poison ^^.

If you use the foam, neither dog nor cat should come near a rat, of course, but the three methods are more reliable than relying on some auxiliary animals such as guinea pigs and Co., which are usually bitten to death by rats without further ado.

I think back and forth whether I should make it tasty for a weasel because someone in the village has rats all the time. Since we got rid of the first pack of rats, it has been rumbling in the blanket every now and then for a few weeks, and weasels are more likely to follow suit than martens, which are now rather large and therefore accordingly inflexible.

I don't know whether you can rat with ferrets. I think they're really only good for rabbits, whether they fit into rat holes; I dont know...

We also have rats on our property every now and then, they have already killed young guinea pigs in my stable! So the guinea pigs drive away the rats by their squeaking, is absolute nonsense!

A concrete floor inside the barn and a concrete strip with broken glass around the outside around the wooden barn helped prevent the wood from gnawing through, because rats also eat their way through concrete> :(
Outside I also injected racumin poison foam into leftover pieces of sewer pipes and deposited it on the walls, because rats walk along the walls! Neither dog nor chicken fit through and since then there has been peace!
Poison bait is more likely to be eaten by mice, rats don't really do it.

Rats are said to have something against the smell of dogs. I have a dog and I had a rat problem.

I brushed the dog off where the chicks were killed. So dog hair remained. I also put a pile of dogs there: rotwerd (but so that the chicks had no contact with it.)
That worked! I then had no more signs of rats. I had better lock up the chicks too, but you can't do that.
That definitely helps. You can also stuff dog hair into the rat holes (doesn't have to be a lot of hair) rather a tuft more often .......

I have 5 dogs, tell the rats that it actually bothers them :-D

Dogs bother rats ... but not when they spend most of the day in human habitation, as is customary in this country, or are absent for hours because they are taken everywhere. Why was there one or more dogs of the caliber terrier or pinscher in almost every stable in the past (when no one knew anything about Racumin and Co.)? Certainly not because you kept such a useless eater as a luxury to cuddle, but because the dogs had a job there ... watch out, make noise when uninvited guests come and rats kill off.

In the past, dogs were also "farm animals", with the exception of society dogs, which were only kept if they were rich or were of nobility.

Greetings from the media chicken

A tip by the way.
Since you can't join a ferret with the chickens,
see that you find all possible rat entrances
then get you cloisters, the things that go into the urinal
or throw the water tank from the toilet.
You moisten them a little and throw them in
the rat entrance.
Two if possible.
Let some more water drip afterwards
and then set up a live trap nearby.
My uncle did it that way too.
He caught six rats in one night.
The critters don't like the smell of the cloisters.
If you don't want to use chemistry, try
it with paraffin grill lighter that you eat in vinegar
But the parts don't work on all rats.

Maybe my tip will help you.
If you're rid of the critters, then all the entrances
very quickly.

Good luck:)

We had rats in the guinea pig hutch, under the boxes were the holes where they came out, we immediately concreted them over, like the entire floor.
But we never found the entrances outside, the devil knows where the bastards came from ...: angry

Rats also walk a long way when they smell something delicious.
They don't necessarily have to be with you on the property.
If you have sewers nearby, dig them until they are there
where you want to go.
They don't care about dogs, cats, people.
Ferrets are enemies, but unfortunately cannot be used in the chicken coop.
Unless you can quat the chickens for a while

I think when we humans are no longer the rats
to survive.

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