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Shopify's Trend Report: This will be online retail in 2021

For the first time, Shopify published a report on the future of retail in Germany and around the world. Online trading boomed, especially due to the corona pandemic. Even so, e-commerce and social commerce are still on the rise. Shopify used data from one million Shopify retailers for the report. In addition, consumers in eleven markets were asked about trends in retail and shopping. A rapidly growing online trade, the great demand for independent and local brands, as well as environmentally conscious buying behavior have emerged as key trends.

E-commerce in 2021 will be shaped by the corona pandemic

In a newly published report, the e-commerce platform Shopify deals with future forecasts for the industry. One of the most important findings: The younger generations are driving online retail strongly. 57 percent of 18 to 34 year olds said they spent more online. The corona pandemic is also contributing to this development. The vast majority of German respondents (87 percent) said they had shopped online since Corona was declared a pandemic. The amount of spending has also risen significantly since then. 36 percent of those surveyed stated that they had spent higher amounts online in the past few months.

Retailers should remain flexible and respond to their customers

The younger target group is also driving the rapid development of online retail. According to Shopify, 65 percent of younger respondents expect shipping to be quick. The younger respondents are also those who are open to alternative solutions in delivery. For example, “Click-and-Collect”, ie the option to collect online orders in brick-and-mortar stores, is very popular. For dealers, this means that they should flexibly switch to new models in order to satisfy all customers.

Despite the practicality of online shopping, many of those surveyed stated that they like to go shopping in a stationary fashion. The main reasons for this are the strengthening of entrepreneurship (47 percent), advice (36 percent) and the individual shopping experience (36 percent). But the corona pandemic has made customers more hesitant. Almost half (49 percent) said they have avoided crowded shops and crowds since the pandemic began. For retailers, this means that they should be responsive to the needs of their customers. This is possible, for example, through the offer of contactless payments, the online allocation of appointments or the aforementioned click-and-collect models.

This year was very important for online trading. Not least because of Corona, the entire industry has made a huge leap forward. At Shopify, we believe retail is fundamentally changing - the future of retail starts now,

commented Roman Rochel, Head of Germany at Shopify.

methodology: Over 10,000 consumers surveyed

The online survey was conducted with a total of 10,055 consumers aged 18 or over in APAC (Japan, India, New Zealand, Australia), Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom) and North America (Canada, United States), carried out. In order to qualify for the survey, the respondents had to have made at least one purchase in the online shopping categories in the past six months. In addition to the consumer survey, the data from one million Shopify retailers was evaluated.