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About WorkMarket

WorkMarket, an ADP company, is a management solution for onboarding, managing, organizing, and paying vendors, contractors, and freelancers. The platform allows businesses to track and manage extended workforce recruiting, vetting, work assignment, payments, and performance evaluations.

With WorkMarket Labor clouds, freelancers and contractors can be onboarded into public and private labor clouds using categories such as skills, location, experience, pay rates, and certifications. Contractors and freelancers are eligible for categorization once they have gone through the automated vetting process which includes background checks, drugs testing, ID verification, and suitability for the job, meaning only compliant and suitable freelancers will be considered. Additionally, employers can set specific rules and requirements for contracts such as work frequency and insurance details, so only those eligible will be visible for the position. For the duration of the employment contract, and during collaboration, employers can track the work of freelancers and contractors, collaborate in real time, and complete follow up evaluations.

Payment cycles and invoices are consolidated and can be processed using existing payment systems, or through integration with third party payment methods such as ACH deposit, credit card, wire transfer, and Paypal. With WorkMarket reports, employers can view data on total spend, market coverage, worker performance, and more.

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Main advantages of WorkMarket

• With WorkMarket dashboards and reporting, employers can view up-to-date information on performance, costs, and job history.

• Automated vetting and onboarding procedures mean only suitable freelancers will be matched to a job.

• WorkMarket offers a consolidated 1099 employee payment system and native integration with many third party payment systems including PayPal and ADP.

• A native mobile app for workers enables freelancers and contractors to create and upload CV's, experience, and availability for employers to browse and compare.

• Within WorkMarket, employers can facilitate real-time collaboration with freelancers and receive up-to-date information and updates.


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German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

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