Are virtual assistants happy with their salaries?

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Have you considered working as a virtual assistant? This work-at-home job offers a lot of flexibility and can be quite lucrative as it goes on. However, it is not for everyone! See if you have what it takes, then start looking for virtual assistant positions.

Tasks and qualifications of the virtual assistant

As the name suggests, a virtual assistant (VA) supports people from a remote location. Possible tasks of a virtual assistant for customers include:

  • Social media management
  • Travel arrangements
  • Manage voicemail and email
  • Research for professional projects or personal needs
  • Scheduling and calendar management
  • Track spending
  • Prepare reports or presentations
  • Send gifts
  • Schedule events

Given the multitude of tasks that virtual assistants perform, it's no surprise that ingenuity is possibly the most important quality of a virtual assistant. VAs must also have excellent computer skills, be comfortable on the phone, and be well organized.

What virtual assistants don't do

Virtual assistants typically do not perform tasks that require special skills such as accounting, editing, design work, etc. However, they may provide assistance with these tasks, such as: And sometimes the same companies that hire virtual assistants also hire for these positions.

While virtual assistants may work for companies rather than individuals, they typically don't perform customer service or sales tasks. This is a virtual call center work. Although some less honest companies position call center jobs as virtual assistants, they are not created equal.

How are virtual assistants paid?

If you browse the list below of companies hiring virtual assistants, you will see just how diverse the work arrangements and compensation structures used by virtual assistant companies. While most virtual assistants are independent contractors, there are some companies that hire them as full-time or part-time employees. VAs can have their own business, but with the work being done remotely, it can be difficult to find customers unless you work with a company that connects you with customers.

As a rule, virtual assistants, including those who are contractors, receive an hourly wage. Salaries may start at $ 11-12 an hour, but there is a wide range of possible salaries depending on your experience and the type of work required.

What you need to be a virtual assistant

In general, virtual assistants, including corporate employees, need a home office with a reliable computer and high-speed internet. The office should be quiet and free of distraction. A cell phone is usually sufficient, but some businesses may need their own landline. A webcam is also usually required.

7 Getting started as a virtual assistant

AssistantMatch provides a platform on which virtual assistants can connect to clients. It charges customers a gaming fee, and the hourly rate for assistants varies based on their duties. Virtual assistant training is available but is not required to register as a VA on the website.

Belay Solutions hires virtual assistants as well as more specialized positions such as virtual accountants, content creators and webmasters. His model is to hire independent contractors for these positions.

Equivity is hiring its VAs as part-time workers paid a starting salary of $ 15 an hour. In addition to his positions as a virtual assistant to the management, he is hiring specialized support in marketing or legal matters. Bachelor degree is required.

Team Delegate signs contracts with freelancers to work with its corporate clients. At least two years of professional experience as a manager or administrative assistant is required.

Timeect is hiring independent contractors in the US and UK who have experience as a virtual assistant, personal assistant, executive assistant, secretary or administrative assistant. The work includes administrative tasks, filling out forms, managing schedules, travel arrangements, and possibly social media, writing, or blogging. Pay starts at $ 11 per hour.

Upwork is a freelance exchange site where you can offer your services as a freelancer. It has a pretty robust area for virtual assistants. It costs a percentage of your revenue from customers you connect with through the platform.

Zirtual is hiring (and offering benefits) virtual assistants in the US. The application process includes an extensive questionnaire and uploading a video of you.