Diana Ross will make a comeback

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Goddess with fur and glitter: Arte documentary about Diana Ross

Berlin (dpa) - Regardless of whether it is “Upside Down”, “I'm Coming Out” or “Chain Reaction”: Diana Ross songs often go straight to the ear and heart. Their classics shaped music history for entire epochs - from Motown to disco and pop to R&B.

The Detroit-born artist, who turns 77 this Friday, has sung so many hits that she was listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 1993 as "the most successful female musician of all time." This Friday (9:50 p.m.), an Arte documentary will review your picture book career. The film "Diana Ross - A Diva Conquered the World", which was broadcast for the first time in 2019, mainly uses archive material.

The singer dreamed of fame and glamor from childhood. And it shouldn't be long before she could make her dream come true. In the 1970s, the African American rose to become a superstar, filling huge concert halls, earning prizes and starring in films.

The documentary recalls the time when Diana Ross became famous as the lead singer of the girl group "The Supremes". With her voice, she inspires the masses and steals the show from her colleagues. After a number of arguments and reshuffles, the then 26-year-old decides to perform as a solo artist from now on.

From then on, the curve of success goes up steeply. She develops into a diva who wins many sympathies with her explosive temperament and her fondness for fur and glitter.

Diana Ross's hunger for attention was already strong in her early years. In one of the interviews, the singer explains that she had to fight for the attention of her parents in order to prevail against five siblings. Such details from private life are few and far between in the documentation. The relationship with the founder of the Motown record label, Berry Gordy, is very important. He initially acted as a mentor and later became her lover.

Otherwise, the documentary focuses entirely on her career. He fades in excerpts from films, music videos or concert appearances. He lets companions have their say and explains what qualities she owes her immense success. Her strength of character, determination and willingness to work hard are highlighted.

In any case, a certain steadfastness was necessary at that time in order to be able to resist racist hostility. As the documentary points out, Diana Ross was never intimidated. She took every stony obstacle and fought for recognition with unwavering confidence. In doing so, she became a strong, independent artist who serves as a role model in today's entertainment industry.

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