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Notes on the coronavirus

You will receive a health insurance certificate if required

Doctors only issue a certificate of incapacity for work, in short: AU certificate or colloquial health certificate or yellow certificate, if you are sick. For example, if you cough heavily or have a fever.

In the case of mild respiratory diseases, this is currently possible by telephone for up to seven days - if necessary, this can be extended by a maximum of another seven days.

In the event of quarantine, the health department will issue a certificate

No doctor is allowed to put you on sick leave without symptoms - not even if you have a positive corona test result. For a certificate for your employer, please contact the responsible health department by phone or email.

It will then check whether it is ordering a quarantine. If so, you will also receive the certificate for your employer from the health department. You will then receive your salary in the same way as if you were on sick leave.

The health department orders the quarantine to protect other people from infection.

Your doctor is also not allowed to issue an AU certificate in the following situations, unless you are ill:

  • if you look after your children at home because the daycare centers and schools are closed or
  • if your employer has sent you home as a precaution.

In general, if you are sick, please call the practice first.