How does Ubuntu make money 1

How does Ubuntu make money?

We get different distributions like kubuntu / ubuntu / lubuntu / edu / etc ... for free. We constantly receive important updates. We can download any programs we want from Ubuntu Repos. I can't even imagine what kind of CDN network you would need to support all of this. Plus a lot of people work for them at Ubuntu: Ubuntu jobs

Can someone explain how this is financially possible?


First, a lot of people work on Ubuntu in their free time (many of them code, but also those from here, for example answering people's questions). Some people also donate to Ubuntu.

There is more to the story, however. Canonical Ltd. is a private company that founded and continues to pay for Ubuntu. We know Canonical wasn't making a profit, but Canonical was originally founded by multimillionaire Mark Shuttleworth, which meant you didn't have to focus on making money right away.

However, Canonical is now keen to make Ubuntu profitable. (After all, they have 600+ employees who have to be paid every month!) There are some signs that this has been successful. Your main sources of income provide services related to Ubuntu:

  • Support services (primarily for businesses) that they use to sell Landscape
  • Contract services for companies (e.g. collaboration with OEMs such as Dell or support from Google with Chrome OS). As Ubuntu makes its way to cell phones and televisions, this will increase.
  • Paid area of ​​the Ubuntu Software Center (Canonical makes cuts)
  • - discontinued
  • Closed source projects that want to use can purchase a license
  • - discontinued.
  • Amazon recommendations. When you browse the Ubuntu Dash, you might see Amazon products (unless you've turned it off). Ubuntu takes a cut of this. [ref]

All of these are areas where Canonical's hopes will grow.

Let's not forget that Canonical makes custom Ubuntu distributions for enterprise customers!

My Firefox has an Ubuntu custom Google search. If people use what is pretty similar to regular Google search, it makes them money. I have it on some of my websites and it makes money. I can't imagine what it would mean for people as their main search field.

After all, the largest speed generator in his Firefox

They mainly sell support contracts to corporate customers. You can also buy t-shirts and the like to support them.

Another aspect concerns the servers for companies

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