What is 159 divided by 2

Commander of the replacement troops IX
159th division
Division No. 159


1. Deployment and subordination:

When the German mobilization began on August 26, 1939, a commander of the replacement troops was set up for each deputy general command I to XIII, XVII and XVIII, to whom the existing replacement and training units were subordinate. In the course of these realignments, on August 26, 1939 the Commander of the replacement troops IX set up in Kassel, military district IX. On November 9, 1939, the staff was in 159th division renamed. On January 1, 1940, the staff was in Division No. 159 renamed. Relocated to Frankfurt am Main, also military district IX, on January 11, 1940. In autumn 1943, the replacement and training units were separated from each other and combined into special associations. The training associations were grouped into reserve divisions and relocated to occupied areas, while the replacement units remained with the newly formed replacement units at home. On October 1, 1942, the division was divided and renamed the 159th Reserve Division.


2nd commanders:

August 26, 1939 Lieutenant General Albert Fett

May 1, 1942 General of the Pioneers Karl Sachs

September 20, 1942 Lieutenant General Hermann Meyer-Rabingen


3. Structure:

Infantry Replacement Regiment 9

Infantry Replacement Regiment 15th

Infantry Replacement Regiment 214

Infantry Replacement Regiment 251

Artillery Replacement Regiment 9

Panzerjäger Replacement Division 9

Engineer Replacement Battalion 9

Engineer Replacement Battalion 19th

Railway Pioneer Replacement Battalion 3rd

News Replacement Department 9

Motor Vehicle Replacement Department 9

Motor Vehicle Replacement Department 29

Driving Replacement Department 9


4. Literature and sources:

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