Have you ever been stabbed

She lingered a little longer, then innocently raised her arms. "Sorry. I just wanted to give you back what one of your guards forgot." She said it in such a mock tone that Hicks was building up anger again. "Well ... I stole it when they took me to the cell."

Hicks no longer heard what she was saying. His gaze was fixed on the small knife that he slid back and forth between his fingers. Memories of the one fatal night in the cave came back.

From the moment he saw the dagger in his stomach. "You stabbed me."

"I know," it came back proudly.

From the difficult way home. "You hurt me."

"I know."

From the long night. "You poisoned me."

"I know."

From Astrid. "You failed and still you won," he admitted in a shaky voice.

She said nothing, just looked at him while hiding the knowing smile under the mask.

He looked up at her again. "You wanted to take someone from me and I'm just losing Astrid all by myself. What I had dreamed of that night felt so real. Could it be true or was my head just deceiving me?" Hicks didn't want it to be true, but his mind told him otherwise. The fact was: he hadn't spoken to Astrid since then. Who avoided whom was an open question. Every single time he thought of his dream when he saw her. How she scornfully left him lying on the grass while he bleeded to death from her. The pain was deeper than any wound he had suffered.

That one question was the only reason he was here in the first place.

"There are two ways to be deceived. One is to believe what is not true. The other is to refuse to believe what is true."

Hicks just looked at her inquiringly.

"A common saying where I'm from. It's bullshit, I know. What's the point of knowing the ways in which you can be deceived canif you don't know that one was deceived? But I can tell you one thing, Hicks Haddock: You have been deceived. "

His mine lit up. Maybe it was all just a nightmare that his head had spun together under the poison.

But he didn't know how much the stranger loved to play with his mind. To be able to control him. "Tz tz tz, but not from this dream." The corners of his mouth fell back down like the stone that had just fallen from his heart and now took this place again.

"He may seem surreal to you," she continued, "but I can tell you one thing for sure: Somewhere he speaks the truth. You were not deceived by him, but by me and yourself. You think this is here It's over, but it's not. This war has only just begun and if you're lucky it will end again quickly. "

Hicks took a few long steps toward the cell. The pain was simply suppressed by his flurry of anger. This game of what she was playing with him, with his emotions, made him white-hot, and the thought that she was enjoying it didn't make it any better.

As soon as he stood directly in front of the bars, he could no longer contain his voice. "It already ended when you were thrown into this prison. Look around, there is NOTHING here that can help you!"

"Yes, there are here Nothing. But the dragon is still out there. ", Said the stranger, while she also took two steps towards the bars. Her voice was so calm, as if she knew with the greatest certainty that the dragon would save her. But inside she always angry, there she always burned.

"You saw what he can do. You cannot defeat him because if he attacks you would not even notice it. You will not hear him, you will not see him and you will not know that you are dying! Let get me out and I promise it will end quickly and without death. You can get out of here with all your people and dragons and you won't hear or see anything from us. "

She wanted to make him think that if he let her go, he was doing the right thing. But something else she said caught all of his attention.

It hit him like a powerful blow from the back of a gronckel. "You want Berk. That's why you came here and that's why you want a war!"

The stranger said nothing for a moment and lowered her head slightly. She realized that she was slowly losing concentration. And that's only because she was separated from the dragon. But that was probably the catch. That and the memories that she kept in the back of her mind and that were implanted in her like demons.

She let herself fall back a few steps until she felt the cold, damp stone wall on her back and slid down on her.

"You got it. I want Berk and I'll take it too. It belongs to us, and rightly so. You only came here 300 years ago and said it was yours. You didn't have the right to do so, you just have it from us struck from our bloody hands. " She spoke it more to herself, but Hicks heard every single word anyway.

300 years, 7 generations and no one has ever asked what happened before.

Hicks had never heard or read anything about Berk's history. A memory shot in Hick's head.

You could already have known. In fact, you already had the knowledge in your hand.

At that time he was so focused on pursuing his plan that he had only subconsciously noticed these sentences. Now he didn't want to waste any more time. If there was a way to end this mess, maybe he would find it in the book.

He didn't waste a second of his attention on the stranger and stormed - slowly - outside. There a strong winter wind came towards him like a wall of icy cold. Reflexively, he screwed up his eyes, only to open them just enough shortly afterwards so that he could see where he was stepping. The wind whistled around his ears as if he were flying through the air at top speed on toothless.

As he walked through the village, more and more sought the protection of their hut. It wasn't long to Snoggletog, after all, and if you could say one thing about the weather before that, it was that there was no other time of the year where it was storming and snowing so much. Some would say it would be a good thing, because what would Snoggletog be without a thick blanket of snow.

Hicks' head was tilted down so as not to get the icy wind in the face as much as possible. So he was extremely happy when he saw the steps to the Great Hall right in front of his feet. In his experience it wasn't too full anyway, which meant he could read this book in peace in the library.


He was briefly startled at the sudden exclamation of his name. But that was less because of how unexpected it was, but more because who had called him.

"Can we talk?"


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