What is the chemical name for 2H2O2

Due to the complete breakdown of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen at the end of the process, HPV technology is particularly environmentally friendly and residue-free.















The HPV technology for the decontamination of entire rooms


HPV - This abbreviation stands for Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor, translated as hydrogen peroxide vapor. We have already introduced you to the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting surfaces, on this page we would like to bring you closer to the HPV technology used in the SDS process.


HPV technology is an effective and environmentally friendly method for the decontamination of surfaces with excellent microbiological effectiveness. But how exactly does this procedure work?

In the first step of bio-decontamination, with the help of our H2O2 steam generators, hydrogen peroxide is suddenly evaporated by dripping it onto a heating plate as a liquid solution (30-35% H2O2). When the hydrogen peroxide hits the surface, which is over 100 ° C, the liquid suddenly becomes gaseous - the H2O2 vapor is created:
















Once the H2O2 vapor has been generated, it is distributed throughout the room with the help of fans; the control and constant monitoring of the generators is carried out from outside the room.


When the hydrogen peroxide is distributed in the room, what is known as microcondensation occurs: First of all, germs are killed through accidental contact with the
H2O2 molecules with the surface (see picture "Microcondensation 1"). After some time the dew point of the vapor is reached and the molecules begin to condense on the surfaces. This is shown in the second picture (microcondensation 2). This deposition of the hydrogen peroxide molecules on the surface is called microcondensation.


From a certain concentration of H2O2 in the room air, saturation occurs. At this point the entire surface is covered with hydrogen peroxide molecules, as is the case in Figure 3. Thus, there is direct and full-surface contact of H2O2 with the surface and thus enables fast and very effective effectiveness.