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There are few characters in the American football world who have to endure more malice than Lane Kiffin. Lane is the son of a well-known coach who had great success in the NFL, and at a young age he got jobs with the most attractive employers in the football world, and it wasn't just any jobs, but the great coordinator and head coach duties. With 31 head coach at the Oakland Raiders? No problem for Lane Kiffin! And although he was not particularly successful anywhere, he always sparked the next step in his career. At the same time, he insulted a few coaching colleagues and pushed the limits of what was tolerable when it came to leadership.

That Lane Kiffin is with them U.S.C. Trojans started the 2013-14 season with 3-2 wins. That was not enough for the proud university, and after the 42:61 defeat against Arizona State, Lane Kiffin was fired on Saturday. According to reports, the decision should already have been made during the ongoing game, and Kiffin was informed about it afterwards at the parking lot. Half of America was thievingly happy about the expulsion.

The Oakland Raiders could still excuse Kiffin with minimal experience and a crazy owner Al Daviswho put his paradigms above everything and brought players that the young coach did not want. At Tennessee he succeeded a legend, what im College football is always difficult, but his arrogant attitude and his hasty departure after only a year earned him a reputation like plague and cholera. At U.S.C. Kiffin also got into a tricky situation: Southern Cal was awarded by the N.C.A.A. punished for injuries committed many years earlier (mid-decade 2000s when Kiffin Offensive Coach was there) and he had to live with limitations.

In his sophomore year he took 10-2 wins and knocked Oregon out of the B.C.S.titel finals, but marginal notice was received because Southern Cal was suspended out of competition participated in the game. U.S.C. went as Preseason # 1 in the fall of 2012 and smeared 7: 6 wins. From then on, Lane Kiffin was "Lame Duck", the duck released for shooting.

All certify him a very good "recruiter" to be, but not to understand nearly as much of the coaching material as other colleagues. And “recruiting”, that usually goes by itself at Southern Cal anyway. So the next coach the Trojans hire will be one Dream job get, who will also still be royally rewarded. The first names to be traded are James Franklin (Head Coach of Vanderbilt) and Jack Del Rio (Defensive Coordinator Denver Broncos).

Two weeks after the offensive exchange between Alabama and Texas A&M, they met on Saturday in Athens / GA Georgia Bulldogs and Louisiana State Tigers to the next top game in the Southeastern Conference. The game held up to high expectations and Georgia won it 44:41 after several leadership changes. For those who like a lot of points and good offense, it was the best game of the season. If you want to see good defense, look elsewhere. It was not difficult for laypeople (like me) to see how many defensive errors were made there.

In this country, this leads to the question of whether the S.E.C. gives up the values ​​she has stood for for so long: Defense, Defense, Defense. The Big 12 Conference used to be incestuous with its Points festivals ridiculed ("Mickey Mouse Football"), now their own figureheads play the same brand.

Who are the top teams in the Southeastern Conference?

  1. Alabama (4-0), ranked # 1 in the nationwide A.P. poll. Alabama won a shut-out against Ole Miss with 25: 0 and showed their old defensive strength again after deliberately calling a point fireworks against Texas A&M. Nobody is as adaptable as Nick Saban.
  2. Georgia (3-1), ranked at # 6 after the great home win against L.S.U. Georgia already has two real statement victories because it had already defeated South Carolina and scored over 40 points. Hailed by many as the best offense in college football, QB Andy Murray and his colleagues have so far kept their expectations.
  3. Texas A&M (4-1), ranked # 9. With his weekly “Plays of the Year” Johnny Manziel tears the Aggies out of the perceived test, but there are few defenses that look worse than those of the Aggies in this conference.
  4. Louisiana State (4-1), ranked # 10. Zach Mettenberger has already been written into the National Football League by many and the failed offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has one of the best offenses under his wing, which sounds stranger for a few universities than for L.S.U., where zero has been guaranteed first for many decades.
  5. South carolina (3-1), ranked # 13. Here we have the second best defense after Alabama. Responsible for this is a man everyone knows, Jadeveon Clowney. But he's currently only playing at half speed due to many problems, which is a blessing for many journalists, because they can write to their heart's content about: Clowney brings one excuse after the other (not true: his environment does it) for his poor performance. Clowney is overrated. If Clowney really gets the first draft pick, he should play better with the flu and broken muscles. Blah. After all, the Gamecocks avoided the nasty away game at Central Florida and were able to wrestle their way out with a narrow 28:25.
  6. Florida (3-1), ranked # 18. We have an extremely good defense here, but no offense at all. This makes Florida look boring, which is bad in a system where people decide the fate of titles with their votes: You are boring, you are bad. Or so. At least in the S.E.C. 2013.
  7. Ole Miss (3-1), ranked # 24. Despite the shutout, the Rebels are still in the ranking. Whereas Auburn does not appear in the ranking with its similar record and better offense.
  1. Alabama. At least 25: 0 against Ole Miss.
  2. Oregon. A runaway win in the rain against Cal.
  3. Clemson. Victory against Wake without rain.
  4. Ohio State. Barely but deservedly won against Wisconsin and strengthened quarterback Braxton Miller.
  5. Stanford. Big win in the rain against Washington State.
  6. Georgia. 44:41 against Louisiana State.
  7. Louisville. Backlash free.
  8. FloridaState. “My” noles avoided a bitter defeat at 48:34 against Boston College because they were still tearing themselves up after the break.
  9. Texas A&M. Unconvincing away win against Arkansas.
  10. Louisiana State. Almost 41:44 lost in Georgia.
  11. Oklahoma. Away win in Notre Dame. And although undefeated and one of the biggest names in football, Oklahoma is still ranked outside the top 10!
  12. U.C.L.A. Backlash free.
  13. South carolina. A sensational upset at Central Florida has just been averted.
  14. Miami (Fla.). The canes are eagerly awaiting the duel with Florida State.
  15. Washington. Unknown team that shot down the next opponent after Boise with Arizona.
  16. Northwestern. Backlash free.
  17. Baylor. Backlash free.
  18. Florida. If you have a strong defense but no offense, you can only win 20-7 against cucumber teams like Kentucky.
  19. Michigan. Backlash free.
  20. TexasTech. Backlash free.
  21. OklahomaState. Was surprisingly beaten by West Virginia.
  22. ArizonaState. 61 points against U.S.C. poured out.
  23. Fresno State. Hawaii just beaten by a hair.
  24. Ole Miss. Despite the shut-out, only three spots were lost in the poll. This is how you feel if you keep up with Alabama (only 9-0 at break).
  25. Maryland. Such a “Top 25 at the push of a button” team. There are no alternatives. Admittedly, Maryland's 37-0 win over West Virginia suddenly looks respectable after West Virginia's victory over Oklahoma State.

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