What are product branding and packaging

Fake sellers and Amazon won't help

he sells groceries. Tea should be part of it, so your picture is absolutely great to use for an illustration of his product information, which he can then print directly on the product / outer packaging.


Take body care products from the supermarket or drugstore such as Shampoo, deodorant or household cleaners. They work with stickers everywhere.

The labels take up a large part of the area that was specially designed for this purpose and different shapes and colors are used on plastic containers to promote distinctive character. They already pay attention to differentiated packaging. Otherwise we could all buy Mercedes and just put a different badge on the front.

At Amazon, I assume they are aware that a lot comes from one or two different manufacturers. They would like to have only these on the market instead of the many dealers.

The advantage of all the listings is the price war. The mass of individual offers of the same product requires a lot of storage space and expenditure and only differs in the service of the retailer and not in the product property, which is the same. A product and an offer under which everything is listed would probably be more lucrative for Amazon than thousands of brands whose products are under 10 manufacturers. If the data sheet with manufacturer information is mandatory in the offers, it will be interesting for the many brands of the same products. The mask for it already exists.