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cx289 wrote:Hello, I would like to learn English. I've been learning it for 6 years in school (since 3rd grade), but somehow it doesn't really help. Actually, I can hardly speak fluently and I only understand single words (usually I don't understand the meaning of the sentence).
How could I learn English now "properly" ?? So I would not like to go to school. Preferably at home with books, on the internet or something like that ..
And how does that work with the vocabulary? Because I don't know all of them (well, I don't know all of them in German, but I know the words that I need or that are spoken every day) but in English ?? If a normal Englishman spoke, I would only understand every second word.
Does anyone have a plan?

With best regards
Read, read, read. This is one of the best ways to learn vocabulary and sentence structure. English films, radio, audio books etc. are recommended for listening purposes. For speaking, contact with English-speaking people via Skype or direct contact with native speakers is recommended. For this, take a look at the university, there are sometimes native speaker get-togethers.
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