What are the attributes of beautiful harmony

The ideal of beauty: what exactly is "beautiful"?

Her radiant smile enchants: Angelina Jolie. (Photo: Allstar - Mona Filz)Young, beautiful, successful - three qualities that Angelina Jolie embodies, who is admired worldwide as an ideal of beauty. The “young” component is measurable, as is the “successful” attribute. But what exactly is "beautiful"? And: are women and men “equally beautiful”? Actually everyone knows what they personally find beautiful. But how do you describe this subjective impression? This perception cannot really be measured. And yet: Scientists have found a formula for beauty.

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The formula for attractiveness

Based on a study by the University of Regensburg, scientists developed a formula in 2008 that can be used to measure the attractiveness of a woman. "The formula puts weight, waist and hip width, as well as leg length and bust in relation to one another," says the head of the study, psychologist Martin Gründl. According to this, most people find women most beautiful with long legs, medium-sized breasts, a narrow waist, and medium-wide hips. That’s not surprising. But is it really that easy to make beauty measurable?

The more symmetrical, the more beautiful

At least the researchers urge caution: One must consider that this attractiveness only reflects an average value of the population. Because: As is well known, one can argue about taste. But why do we actually perceive some people as beautiful and others not? Because we instinctively follow a clear rule of balance and harmony. As early as the 1990s, Karl Grammer, professor at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute in Vienna, demonstrated that the more symmetrical a face is, the more beautiful it is. Facial expressions and gestures also play a role: the more expressive a face is, the more attractive it appears to the viewer. In addition, we associate youthfulness with beauty, says Grammer. The reason lies in our genes: Anyone who looks youthful is also perceived as a potential up-and-coming producer.

It is easier for beautiful people

The feeling that beautiful people have an easier time in life is no coincidence either. There is scientific evidence to show that attractive people have an easier time in their careers, beautiful children get better grades, and good-looking criminals have lower penalties. The reason: the human brain equates good and beautiful.

Is beauty just an illusion?

In another study by the University of Regensburg, the researchers found out what makes a beautiful face. The result: the women judged to be the most attractive did not exist at all. The portraits were pepped up using special techniques, and wrinkles, blemishes and irregularities were retouched. We know that: from glossy magazines, computer-processed beauties beam at us. Even the most attractive "real" faces fail in such comparisons.

Criteria for a beautiful face

The Regensburg researchers also provided solid evidence for a beautiful face: According to this, pretty women have brown skin, a narrower face and fuller lips than average faces. You have wider eye relief, darker and narrower eyebrows, higher cheekbones, and a narrower nose. The same applies to attractive men, for whom a distinctive lower jaw and a pronounced chin are also attributes of beauty. Smooth, flawless skin also increases attractiveness - not only for women.