Michelle Obama sounds black

Michelle Obama - determined top manager, wife and mother

Michelle Obama was born in 1964 in a poor African American neighborhood in southern Chicago. The conditions in her parents' house were very simple. Her father, Fraser, was a small city employee, but despite his multiple sclerosis disease, he was barely absent from work for a day. Her mother Marian took care of the household and the upbringing of Michelle and her brother Craig. Above all, the parents taught their children hard work, independence and honesty. Today, Michelle Obama calls them her best teachers.

Michelle Obama studied at Princeton and Harvard

With a lot of hard work, determination and intelligence, Michelle Obama made the leap to the elite Princeton University after graduating from school. She graduated from Sociology and Afro-American Studies in 1985. She then completed her Masters in law at the renowned Harvard University.

Michelle and Barack Obama

In 1988 she returned to her hometown of Chicago and worked in a law firm, where she also met her husband Barack Obama in 1989. The two married three years later. In the following years her career steadily improved. She served on the board of an aid organization and since 1996 for the University of Chicago. She has been Vice President of Chicago University Hospital since 2005. In addition to her managerial career, she is also a housewife and mother. Michelle Obama and her husband today have two daughters, Malia (10) and Sasha (7).

"She is smarter, tougher and definitely more attractive than me"

When her husband Barack began campaigning for the presidential election for the Democrats, Michelle Obama was there from the start. When she appeared, she had freely expressed her opinion and rarely minced her mouth. Her husband appreciates this quality in her: "She is smarter, tougher and definitely more attractive than me," said Barack Obama.

But she has driven her husband's electoral strategists to despair many times. For example, when she said during an election campaign that she was really proud of her country for the first time in her life, now that her husband was running for president. This statement caused quite a stir. Her husband's opponents even interpreted her as unpatriotic - a dangerous accusation in US politics. Some critics tried to put the stamp of a socially critical Afro-American radical who had little in common with voters of the white middle class. It is perhaps also such statements that make them unpopular with voters. Because, according to polls, almost half of the electorate don't like Michelle Obama.

Wife and mother

Michelle Obama and her daughters Sasha and Malia

In the meantime, the potential first lady is holding back with such statements. She opened the Democratic Party conference in Denver in early September 2008, at which her husband was officially nominated as a presidential candidate, as the keynote speaker. In her speech, she made a true declaration of love for the United States, passionately promoting her husband and winning the hearts of the delegates. In a previous interview, she had emphasized that she did not want to be a distraction in her husband's election campaign. She always emphasized her role as wife and mother. "I came as a wife who loves her husband and is convinced that he would be an extraordinary president," she said in her speech. With such statements she also refuted the image of the unpatriotic complainer that her husband's opponents always want to push on her. (dsc)