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Decipher your company DNA

Published on 15-04-2016

What makes the company special, what is its special DNA? At a time when a job is no longer just a job, where togetherness and a sense of belonging are becoming increasingly important, it is essential for companies to decipher their unique DNA and to communicate this with potential candidates.

Long-chewed-out formulations such as “a young dynamic team with a diverse range of tasks” have long ceased to score points with the candidates and, if you are honest, are meaningless. Our market research has shown that job search candidates place increasing value on the corporate culture of the individual employer and that this can also be decisive for the decision between two companies.

Of course, many different voices have spoken out on the subject of corporate culture, especially in recent years. And yet the question remains how one can define and shape the intangible and do so in a way that is expressive and at the same time interesting for the candidate.

CompanyMatch, headquartered in the Netherlands, offers you a simple yet effective solution for this. The aim is to find the most suitable candidate for your employer brand based on the corporate culture. Your internal DNA serves as a starting point and makes the matching possible in the first place. In order to be able to do this, an extensive course of study was first necessary, based on market researchers, brand strategists and scientific work by, among others, Carl Jung, Robert Quinn and Alfred Adler.

In the ongoing series of short blog posts, we will deal intensively with deciphering the individual strands of DNA in your corporate culture. First, let's look at three of the most important tips for the basis of decryption:

  1. Be honest! There is no point in fooling yourself or your potential applicants. In the worst case, this even leads to the selection of a candidate who ultimately does not fit your company and who leaves the team after less than 10 months. This cultural mismatch can cost your company up to € 45,000 per candidate.
  2. Get employees involved from every level of your company in the definition of corporate culture. Depending on your internal structure, you should involve employees from different locations, areas of responsibility and different hierarchy levels in the process. Top management plays a particularly crucial role in this. In the current study “Real World Leadership” by the Korn Ferry Institute, most of the 7,500 interviewed HR executives and managers consider the task of “driving corporate cultural change” to be one of the top three management priorities. It is shocking that in only 16% of the companies surveyed, the cultural development can actually be found in the objectives of the management level.
  3. Take yourself Time. The definition and registration of your unique DNA doesn't happen overnight. Put together a project team that will spend a certain amount of time working intensively on deciphering and clearly defining your DNA together.

One last word on this: Do not despair! It may take time, many different opinions and seemingly endless conversations internally, but in the end you will strengthen your employer brand and consequently a clearer positioning of your company as an employer.

Would you like to find out now how CompanyMatch intelligently enables candidates to match your unique corporate culture, thereby reducing the risk of a mismatch and making your employer brand more interactive: Watch our video and download the CompanyMatch brochure or ask for a free demo. At the same time, you can discover here how Siemens Germany has integrated CompanyMatch into their careers page and how ManpowerGroup Germany handles the topic of corporate culture.

Looking forward to the next part of our series "Deciphering Your Company DNA?" then stay tuned and follow me on Twitter or network with me on LinkedIn and Xing.

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