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Emigrate to Canada: Visa and Residence Permit

Canada: The country promises freedom, quality of life and less bureaucracy than in Germany. But anyone who wants to emigrate to Canada needs a permanent residence permit. Read here what requirements you have to meet for the visa.

Do you meet the requirements to immigrate to Canada?

As liberal as the country is, immigrants can only get a visa under certain conditions. The state refuses permanent residence permits to people who, because of their health, illness, or criminal past, could be too burdensome on health and social services or pose a danger to the Canadian population. If criminal proceedings are still pending against you in Germany, you cannot even enter the country temporarily.

You can only stay in Canada for six months without a visa. However, you can use this option to travel the country in advance and decide whether you really want to emigrate to Canada. If the decision has already been made, you should look for jobs within this time. An employment contract increases the chances of a permanent residence permit. (Emigrating to Canada: Children and School)

Emigrating to Canada: Visa Requirements

The permanent residence permit, or "permanent residence status", as it is called in Canada, can be obtained in different ways. There is a different category depending on the requirements. Anyone wishing to emigrate to Canada as a "skilled worker" needs training, a few years of professional experience and language skills.

An employee of the Canadian embassy in Vienna will decide on personal suitability. As reported by the Federal Foreign Office, the embassy in Berlin was closed in April 2012.

Entrepreneurs, investors and the self-employed can emigrate to Canada with relative ease. The state hopes that "Business Class Immigrants" will contribute to the economic and cultural well-being of Canada and provide new jobs, as the portal "" explains.

If you want to emigrate to Canada with the family, you need permanent residence permits for all family members. If relatives already live in Canada, the procedure is simplified: your partner, sibling, (grand) mother or (grand) father can contact the nearest immigration center and apply for a visa for you. (Emigrating to Canada: moving with a container)

This is how you get a permanent residence permit

For immigration as a "Skilled Worker" or "Business Class Immigrant", you must prove in a personal interview at the embassy that you have sufficient knowledge of English or French to work in Canada. Using a special point system, experts assess whether your professional skills are useful and needed on the Canadian job market. Technicians, engineers, mechanics and professional drivers are particularly welcome and therefore have a good chance of getting a visa.

If you want to emigrate to Canada, you should get a visa early. Permanent residence permits are only issued six to 21 months after the application has been received.

In order to keep the process as short as possible, you should include all the required documents directly. This includes a medical certificate, a police clearance certificate and the completed application form. Also note the different immigration programs of the individual provinces. (Emigrate to Canada: Beware of Scammers)