Astrology is compulsory for Marraige

Wedding dress astrology: This wedding dress fits your zodiac sign perfectly - and according to the horoscope you will tick on your wedding day

Hardly one dress has more meaning for us than that Wedding dress. In no other dress are you photographed more often, you feel more loved than on this day when you wear your new dress and you are more in the center of attention. So how from all the different Wedding dress styles find the right look for you? With a little help from the astrology! Our star sign reveals a lot about what makes us tick - and thus also which wedding dress best suits our personality.

Astrology meets fashion: According to your zodiac sign, this is the perfect wedding dress for you

1. Aquarius (January 21 to February 19)

This is how the Aquarian bride ticks at the wedding:

A classic one wedding comes for the unconventional Aquarius rather out of the question. In the planning The Aquarian Bride likes to question and revolutionize wedding traditions and is the kind of bride who sometimes celebrates a crazy wedding, maybe even underwater or high in the air.

This is the perfect Aquarius wedding dress:

As unconventional as the wedding can be, it can also be different than usual Wedding dress be. The classic shoulder-free A-line is clearly too boring for Aquarians. This zodiac sign loves to attract attention with its otherness and therefore likes to dare to use futuristic cuts and materials for wedding dresses and does not even shy away from color. The main thing is extraordinary!

2. Pisces (February 20th to March 20th)

This is how the Pisces bride ticks at the wedding:

fishes are very romantic by nature. This is of course also evident in their weddings, which can never have enough flowers, enough (supposed) kitsch and confessions of love. Typically watermarks, they are attracted to wedding locations that are close to a lake or sea. Since this star sign Is very spiritual by nature, the actual wedding ceremony, whether religious or free, is of great importance to her. Just a quick trip to the registry office is not an option for the dreamy fish.

This is the perfect wedding dress for Pisces:

Since hardly any other zodiac sign is determined by its element as much as Pisces, this is also reflected in the choice of wedding dress: The perfect dress is very feminine to match the character and likes subtle light blue tones or other details that are reminiscent of the sea recall. Also, don't be surprised if you find yourself drawn to trying on mermaid silhouettes. As jewelry, cool baroque pearls simply go perfectly with fish - which are currently very trendy.

3. Aries (March 21st to April 20th)

This is how Aries ticks at the wedding:

Regardless of whether you are planning or Wedding dress purchase: If the Aries Bride once she knows what she wants, then she cannot be dissuaded that quickly. After all, she is the most stubborn of all zodiac signs. But be careful: In keeping with their element, fire, Aries tend to make spontaneous purchases and decisions. So don't fall into this trap on your big day and force yourself to make a decision to sleep in for another night - this can be a real challenge for Aries who are willing to take risks.

This is the perfect wedding dress for Aries:

Typical Fire sign the Aries-Bride enjoys it when all eyes are on her. In contrast to the other fire zodiac signs Leo and Sagittarius, it is also very sporty and does not like it too complicated in terms of cuts and fit. So voluminous skirts or corsets are out of the question for them. She prefers to have clean cuts through and through, which for many guests are so unusual for a bride that she is sure to look astonished. Brides with this zodiac sign who don't want to do without a touch of extravagance can crown the look with a striking headpiece or veil.

4th Taurus (April 21 to May 20)

This is how the Taurus bride ticks at the wedding:

Sensual, practical, patient. These are the most defining characteristics of a Taurus. Also, brides of this zodiac sign are hopeless romantics as Venus is the dominant planet. At the wedding, they are therefore enthusiastic about all love rituals, such as personal marriage vows, the opening dance or the rain of flowers to move out.

This is the perfect Taurus wedding dress:

When it comes to the style of the perfect dress, Taurus has two hearts beating in its chest: on the one hand, it is very pragmatic and loves no-frills designs, but on the other it is also very romantic. When choosing the dress, it makes sense to use a clean material, but still integrate romantic accents in the style, such as puffed sleeves or ruffles.

5. Twins (May 21 to June 21)

This is how the twin bride ticks at the wedding:

Are speeches at the wedding a no-go? Not with the communicative twin, who prefer to hold the longest of them all. Including a few laughs, of course, because twins definitely don't take each other too seriously. So they like everything about wedding celebrations that is fun - from the photo booth to the funny choreography wedding dance.

This is the perfect bridal look for twins:

Twins want to be able to jump lightly from one conversation to the next at the wedding and dance a lot. Typically air signs, they want a dress in which they can move, breathe and dominate the dance floor. Short, uncomplicated dresses that make all of this possible are perfect for them. In addition, they are something completely different, which is also perfect for the Gemini bride, who not only likes to talk to herself - but also enjoys being talked about.

6. Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd)

This is how the Cancer bride ticks at the wedding:

The hype of weddings with a vintage appeal is unbroken - and the imaginative cancer is at the forefront of the trend wave. This bride loves to give her wedding the very special charm of barn flair, sepia tones, braces looks for men and rustic chic. Or she turns it into a motto day, perhaps in the style of the 1920s. Either way: The guests will have a great time, because the selfless, motherly and soulful Cancer gives everything to make the day unforgettable.

This is the perfect wedding dress for Cancer:

The retro love of this zodiac sign is of course also noticeable in the choice of the perfect dress, which is a reminder of the fashion style of bygone eras. Since Cancers love tradition in addition to the vintage appeal, it is also quite possible that they will wear the dress inherited from their mum or grandmother again. Styling tip: The best thing is to go to the tailor with it and have it adjusted. Good tailors can also make individual changes to the style.

7th Leo (July 23rd to August 23rd)

This is how the Leo bride ticks at the wedding:

A simple wedding in a small circle? Out of the question for the luxury-loving Leo. Therefore, the wedding of this zodiac sign needs a corresponding lead time in order to be able to properly fill the piggy bank. Because the lion loves pomp and grandeur and wants everyone to remember his party. A “no social media” rule is therefore out of the question for the Leo Bride. On the contrary: she prefers to generate her own hashtag and is happy when the social media are flooded with posts about her madness festival.

This is the perfect wedding dress for Leo:

The love for the big show is of course also expressed in the choice of the wedding dress: The Lion Bride wants a robe that nobody forgets so quickly. Expansive skirts, long trains, eye-catching flounces ... more is more is their clear motto. Nobody, and really nobody, should have to wonder who is the center of attention that day.

8th Virgo (August 24th to September 23rd)

This is how the Virgin-Bride ticks at the wedding:

At weddings from Virgins nothing is left to chance. After all, the zodiac sign is known to be neat, sensible, and structured. The Virgo-Bride knows: Secure the location immediately after the application, book the caterer and wedding speaker a year in advance, and tackle everything else as early as possible. So that nothing is lost, she has several checklists for planning and can then look forward to the day without stress.

This is the perfect wedding dress for virgins:

The Virgo-Bride likes designs that live on timeless understatement and at the same time still have a special twist. After all, this zodiac sign is very detailed. Pure white, clean dresses are perfect, but are then accentuated by a large bow, special drapery or embroidery.

9. Libra (September 24th to October 23rd)

This is how the Libra bride ticks at the wedding:

Making decisions is often not that easy for Libra because they always want to please everyone (keyword: balance!). Libra brides So at the wedding you should make sure to ask yourself more often what you really want - and not your own or your mother-in-law. On the other hand, it is not a bride who simply pushes through her version, but always includes her partner and therefore definitely more likely Bridechilla as Bridezilla is.

This is the perfect wedding dress for Libra:

The predominant planet of this zodiac sign is Venus - consequently, Libra are hopeless romantics. This can of course also be seen in the choice of dress: romantic, playful designs are perfect for this air sign. When buying a wedding dress, Libra people who are unwilling to make decisions should definitely listen to their gut feeling: If you can no longer get a dress out of your head, then this, and only that, is the right choice for you.

10. Scorpio (October 24th to November 22nd)

This is how the Scorpio bride ticks at the wedding:

Similar to those born in Leo, Scorpios love a big show and are never averse to a good party. A Scorpio wedding is always a mega event. Fireworks? With pleasure. Party with over 100 guests? In any case. Favors that will really be remembered by everyone? But please. Scorpios are very passionate people and once they have decided to celebrate something as great as love, then there will be no compromises in terms of the spectacle.

This is the perfect wedding dress for Scorpios:

In keeping with its element of fire, the scorpion wants to attract everyone's attention - but rather with a seductive, figure-hugging look than with an overly opulent look. This bride loves deep cutouts on the neckline and / or on the back, transparent materials, or frills paired with a translucent fabric. In the evening she likes to put the groom's jacket over her shoulders. This game of masculine and feminine underlines her seductive look again.

11th Sagittarius (November 23rd to December 21st)

This is how the Sagittarius bride ticks at the wedding:

Typical fire signs. The spirited and adventurous ones are more appropriate Protect hardly describe it. When planning a wedding, neither the wedding ceremony nor the reception is in the foreground, but clearly the party. A good DJ, a location with no curfew and an open bar policy including long drinks is a must for the Sagittarius bride.

This is the perfect wedding dress for Sagittarius:

A look that will be remembered. This comes first for Sagittarius, similar to Lions and Scorpios. The cut of the wedding dress should therefore be everything but boring: Put on a rather unconventional cut that nobody really forgets that easily. So that later on you can really celebrate and dance wildly, it would not be surprising for the Sagittarius bride if she changes from her extravagant, long dress to a micro-mini dress (midi is clearly too good for the flirty Sagittarius!) then to dance all night.

12 Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

This is how the Capricorn ticks at a wedding:

The Wedding planning is for Ibex almost as satisfying as the day itself and you rush into planning early, efficiently and in a structured manner. Since the Capricorn Brides are the perfect wedding planners anyway because of their character traits (realistic, reliable, strong-willed), they take a lot into their own hands and can also dare to plan-intensive DIY weddings.

This is the perfect wedding dress for Capricorns:

As pragmatic as Capricorns are when planning a wedding, they are also when choosing their wedding dress. You don't want unnecessary frills in your dress. Sure, it should be a nice look, but also practical. So wedding jumpsuits or suits, which have experienced a real hype in recent years and are available in increasingly diverse designs, are perfect. For the wedding ceremony, it can be a headpiece or veil for that extra touch - the latter just not so long that it is impractical again when walking to the altar.

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