How do I keep baked filling hard

If you baked cookies during Advent, you face the same problem every year. How do you store the Christmas cookies correctly. After all, soft cookies shouldn't become hard and hard cookies shouldn't soften. worlds of food gives the best tips on how to best store Christmas cookies.

Even if springerle, cinnamon stars, lemon hearts or vanilla crescents are called Christmas cookies, you still want to have some of them in January and February. The disappointment is all the greater when the croissants can only be eaten with a hammer and chisel and Springerle have become really soft and crumbly. This is not necessarily due to the skills of the baker, but usually to incorrect storage.

First mistake

First of all, it is important to let the cookies cool down well after baking and not to pack them into the tins while they are still warm. Because when the cookies are still warm, condensation forms, which gradually softens all the cookies. If you are decorating your baked goods, you should also wait until the glaze, couverture or icing has completely dried and cooled down. Otherwise it can peel off and also attract moisture.

Store properly

Regardless of whether the cookies should stay hard or soft, it is important to pack them airtight and store them in a dry, dark, cool but not too cold place. If air gets into the baked goods, the starch contained in the flour can absorb moisture. When that happens, the cookies can quickly become tough and mushy. So use an airtight sealable box made of metal or plastic for storage. It is important that you do not leave the cookies in the fresh air for too long. Otherwise they will dry out quickly and become hard.

Store separately

You should store different cookies in different tins. Otherwise it can happen that one variety takes on the taste of the other or the flavors mix and the cookies stick together. If you have too few storage options, you can use parchment paper to separate the individual varieties, even if separate storage is better.

Additional measures

To prevent moisture from getting to the cookies, you can place a normal kitchen towel under and over the cookies, which will soak up the moisture. Soft cookies can also be wrapped with cling film and harder cookies with aluminum foil. This way, the biscuits keep their consistency and stay the way you want to eat them until the New Year.