Is Jake Paul gay?

Youtuber Jake Paul: Were women drugged at his party?

It was a mega-event with a lot of celebrities - and bad things may have happened there.

Youtuber Jake Paul (22) celebrated a show party at home on the weekend, the occasion was the 22nd birthday of US rapper Desiigner. Among others came singer Chris Brown (30), basketball player Lamar Odom (39), actress Bella Thorne (21) and P. Diddy's offspring Justin Combs (23). According to the celebrity portal "TMZ" there were live boxing matches and a motorcycle show.

But the lavish party was accused of getting badly out of hand: Several young women are said to have been given drugs in the drinks!

"My daughter was at the party in Calabasas (near Los Angeles)," wrote a mother on Facebook afterwards. “She ended up in the hospital with eight other girls who had been drugged. Someone had put something in their drink. All the girls were half-naked and unable to speak or walk. Before that, they had to sign a disclaimer on the door. "

The police are investigating, but only speak of one case that has been reported so far. A specific suspect has not yet been determined, according to the authorities, the investigation is still at the very beginning.

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According to the local CBS station, the fire department reported that at least two young women had to be driven to hospitals in ambulances.

Later a neighbor of Jake Paul was admitted to a clinic: She fell when a party guest jumped into her back yard around 3 a.m. and startled her.

Jake Paul (18.8 million subscribers) is the little brother of scandal youtuber Logan Paul (24), who made fun of a hanged man in a Japanese forest.