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Identification papers. . .

you need as German citizens at all to travel and day trips

a valid identity card or passport. Abroad: Please note,

that your documents are valid for at least six months upon arrival

have to. (no guarantee that the information is up-to-date)

Terms and Conditions. . .

You can find our general terms and conditions on our

Homepage at www.bayer-busreisen.de or on the back of your

Travel confirmation / registration.

Other countries other manners . . .

Please do not try German accuracy and German in all countries

Standard. In various regions “the clocks are running

just different as in Germany! ”This applies to the furnishings of the hotels

as well as the punctuality of transport. Noise nuisance in

the night can occur as the daily routine in southern countries

The reason of the climate often shifts into the night hours.

Sightseeing. . .

The one in this Catalog published to travel are carefully prepared and

are based on the experiences of numerous previous ones to travel. But we can

do not guarantee that all mentioned viewing points

can be shown. Restoration work, strikes and arbitrary opening times,

Churches closed because of the risk of theft and other imponderables

can lead to program changes or restrictions,

for which the organizer cannot be held responsible. Besides, we keep

reserve the right to change the specified order of visits and excursions,

to take account of weather conditions and other events


On-board service - the service makes the difference. . .

Beverages such as coffee, beer, prosecco, piccolo, wine, cola, soda, water, cola

Mix, different fruit juices are always available on the bus. Most of them

For trips we have our rich breakfast buffet ready for you. always

Various warm dishes are also available (according to the menu). they're planning

a club trip? Then try our homemade goulash or

Potato soup. We are happy to take your wishes into account! Board catering

during the night journeys is in the interest of all resting fellow travelers

not possible.

Booking confirmation. . .

The copy of the travel confirmation given to you or sent by us

for bus trips applies until the travel amount has been paid in full

as Booking confirmation, afterwards as Travel document and at the same time

as Ticket.

The drivers. . .

Specially trained, level-headed and "experienced" in your travel destination, we understand it

our coach chauffeurs for a long time too to travel safe and comfortable for you

to master. The bus drivers understand their trade and are responsible

and qualified. All drivers are aware of their responsibility because

SECURITY is very important to us. At different to travel

several drivers are used to comply with the legal requirements

to be observed.

Discount for children. . .

on the fare you always get with us

0 - 3 years = 100% discount

3 - 12 years = 15% discount

Child bonus = at to travelmarked with the child bonus

- one child up to 12 years of age travels free of charge with two adults.

Attention: there is a special discount for children on hotel, air and boat trips!

Minimum number of participants. . . for our to travel is 20 people.

endeavoring to provide you with service and comfort

Important information for our travel guests in the Travel ABC

Rental car (taxi). . .

direct billing via your health insurance is possible: medical trips, dialysis trips,

Irradiation trips, pick-up or pick-up from the health resort. . .

Fifty - Fifty - Taxi. . .

You will get half of the fare back if you are between 14 and 21

Years since. You can get more information from us or from the district youth association


Airport transfer - same price for up to 8 people

PS: Do you want to party again? No problem - just give us a call

and we will drive you home safely.

Non-smoking buses. . .

Despite good ventilation technology in the buses, “blue haze” creates thick air.

Our buses are generally non-smoking buses. We endeavor accordingly

Take breaks for smokers.

Travel agency . . .

In our travel agency you will find everything your heart desires - in ours

Travel agency you can book all well-known tour operators. From bus,

Flight, adventure, city, culture and pilgrimage tours via cruises,

Travel insurance, holiday homes, flights, hotels with personal travel arrangements, musicas

. . .We make the right offer for every desired destination.

Find out more in advance in our internet travel agency at

www.reisebuero-bayer.de Here you will find country or even area-specific

Information, all the important information you need

to be able to plan your vacation perfectly. This includes both

Contact addresses, general information, travel information, business profiles

as well as much more.

All about service. . .

We are available for inquiries and bookings, regardless of the opening times

available for you on 0 96 54/9 11 71!

Our coaches. . .

are comfortable and well-equipped vehicles. Care in all coaches

Fridge, galley, adjustable seats and an on-board toilet for a pleasant stay

to travel.

Travel documents. . .

will be sent to you in the mail a few days after booking your trip. Will be here too

the times for the departure have already been communicated. Of course you also get

a security certificate that secures the payment made.

Your tour operator. . .

all to travel from this Catalog are organized by ourselves and

carried out. You will be on promotional sales trips or "winning trips" with us

NOT find it - I promise! The only exception are day trips to all sides

well-known and popular company Wenatex in Salzburg.

Security . . .

all repairs and maintenance work are carried out in our own workshop

executed. We attach great importance to a careful and conscientious

Execution of all work. In addition, all buses are run quarterly

subjected to a so-called safety check in a specialist workshop.

Seats. . .

Depending on the booking situation, we will try to accommodate your wishes for your “favorite place”


Save with the group. . .

From 6 people you receive a 3% discount

From 10 people you receive a 5% discount (except Wenatex)

Associations - groups - companies. . .

Do you like one of our travel offers for your next club or

Company excursion? Then do not hesitate to contact us. With a small one

Group you can use our trip at special rates. Do you have

special requests or no ideas for your excursion - we will work out for you

gladly a non-binding offer - we will then work out a special offer

just for you.

Boarding options. . .

Pleystein - Vohenstrauß - Altenstadt / WN - Weiden - Luhe & on request depending on

The route also includes the approaches Wernberg - Pfreimd - Nabburg - Schwarzenfeld

or Mitterteich or Amberg possible without surcharge

with this overview

Favorite ride


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or book under

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02.03.-03.03.2013 Wellness Marienbad ........ page 31

24.03.-29.03.2013 Season opening of the Flower Riviera ...

...Page 4

27.03.-28.03.2013 Trial Cruise Danube ...

... page 18

05.04.-07.04.2013 Paris .................................... Page 8

April 26-28, 2013 Belgium & Brussels ............ page 10

May 9th-May 12th, 2013 Port birthday Hamburg .... page 15

May 17-20, 2013 Vienna & Baden ................. page 21

May 17-20, 2013 Andre Rieu in Vienna ......... page 21

May 19-28, 2013 Health trip Cervia, page 31

06.06.-09.06.2013 Hansi Hinterseer & Marc Pircher

... page 26

06.06.-09.06.2013 Zillertal & Krimml Waterfalls,

... page 23

24.07.-27.07.2013 Provence & Marseille ...... page 22

02.08.-05.08.2013 Veneto with Venice ....... page 20

08.08.-11.08.2013 Lake Como & Milan ...... page 20

23.08.-25.08.2013 Lüneburg Heath ............. page 27

23.08.-31.08.2013 beach holiday Cervia .......... page 12

23.08.-31.08.2013 beach holiday in Cesenatico ... page 13

10.10.-13.10.2013 South Tyrol ............................. page 28

October 2013 Black Forest & Chrysanthema Lahr

... page 30

October 18-23, 2013 Short vacation Croatia Crikvenica,

... page 29

October 19-20, 2013 Luxembourg ....................... Page 14

11/16 - 11/17/2013 Wellness Marienbad ....... page 31

30.11.-01.12.2013 Carinthia Millstätter See ..... page 34

07.12.-08.12.2013 Christmas market Prague ..... page 30

December 13-15, 2013 Christmas Shopping Berlin ... p. 37




g f t

a r




Bus trips from Wenatex .................................. page 16

January 20, 2013 Berlin - Green Week .............. page 32

01/26/2013 Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser & AprèSki ... page 35

02/09/2013 Venice Carnival ........................... Page 5

02/10/2013 Bad Füssing & Haslinger Hof ....... page 6

03.03.2013 Allgäu royal castles .............. page 24

03/10/2013 Andechs Easter Egg Market ............ Page17

03/23/2013 Phantasialand Brühl ................... Page 19

03/23/2013 Bad Tölz Easter market .................... page 5

04/01/2013 Legoland ......................................... page 6

13.04.2013 Merano ............................................. page 9

04/21/2013 Linderhof & Ettal Castle ............. page 15

04/28/2013 Musicians steamer ..................... page 11

May 1st, 2013 Apple Blossom Festival Natz ..................... page 7

01.05.2013 Cherry Blossom Festival Franconian Lake District ...

... page 9

May 9, 2013 Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim .....

... page 9

May 12, 2013 Mother's Day Kitzbühel ...................... page 7

May 26, 2013 Europapark Rust .......................... page 19

May 26th, 2013 "every Sunday" Rust ..... page 18

06/01/2013 Würzburg Wine Festival ..................... Page 8

June 15, 2013 Krämerbrückenfest Erfurt ............ page 22

06/29/2013 Amigos shipping ...................... page 11

06/29/2013 Linzergassenfest Salzburg ........... Page 24

07/07/2013 Achensee Gramai Alm ............... page 7

07/14/2013 Eng Alm - Ahornboden ........... page 17

07/27/2013 Wilder Kaiser Ellmau ................ page 24

08/10/2013 Phantasialand Brühl .................. page 19

08/15/2013 Schaf-Alm Dachstein .................. page 19

08/18/2013 Europapark Rust ........................ page 19

08/18/2013 "every Sunday" Rust ...... page 18

08/25/2013 Dachstein - Heufest ................... Page 32

August 31, 2013 Stuttgart ....................................... page 26

08.09.2013 Musicians steamer .................... Page 11



Dear travelers, now it's that time again - ours Catalog 2013 is available

Them. For the many loyal regular customers as well as for those interested

New customers, it is now in the new Catalog to browse and to your heart's content

to find your personal dream vacation. Whether you like to relax while bathing, yourself

want to be pampered or are hungry for culture, we offer that for everyone

Matching to. This year we have many new day trips and

Multi-day trips put together for you, which you can now discover. New:

clever travel duo - hiking or culture, to travel with or without program -

choose the trip that suits you.

Visit our homepage www.bayer-busreisen.de and report

Subscribe to our free newsletter or via Facebook, then

stay above all to travelthat we offer and are also new to the range

record, up to date. We will inform you on a regular basis

Intervals about novelties, remaining places, events etc ..... about one

We are of course also happy to have a guest book entry.

14.09.2013 Almabtrieb Finkenberg ............... page 25

15.09.2013 65th IAA Frankfurt ..................... page 17

09/21/2013 St. Johann Tirol dumpling festival ........ page 24

09/28/2013 Gerlos cattle drive ...................... page 25

28.09.2013 Almabtrieb Meransen ................. page 25

05.10.2013 Almabtrieb Mayrhofen ................ page 25

October 12, 2013 Onion Market Weimar .................. page 6

October 27, 2013 Shipping Passau - Linz .......... page 14

11/09/2013 Bad Füssing & Haslinger Hof ..... page 6

11/30/2013 Striezelmarkt Dresden ................ page 37

11/30/2013 Chemnitz Christmas Market ....... page 36

12/01/2013 Hohenwerfen Castle ...................... page 33

December 1st, 2013 Chiemsee Christmas market ....... Page 35

December 3rd, 2013 Christmas market Prague ............... page 40

07.12.2013 Nuremberg & Gut Wolfgangshof ... page 33

December 7th, 2013 Berchtesgaden Advent Singing .... Page 36

December 8th, 2013 Kugelmarkt Lauscha ................. page 38

December 14, 2013 Stuttgart ...................................... page 32

December 15, 2013 Wolfgangsee ............................... page 35

12/15/2013 Bamberg crib town .............. page 36

December 21, 2013 Christmas market Prague .............. page 40

12/28/2013 Europapark Rust ...................... page 38

04/01/2014 Tropical Island .......................... page 38

01/06/2014 Pottenstein ................................. page 33

January 19, 2014 Berlin - Green Week ........... Page 32

01/25/2014 Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser & AprèSki ... Page 35

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It is best if you make an appointment with us by phone, then you are

we will definitely be there for you personally and allow enough time for your visit

plan with us.

Opening times in

Travel agency:

Monday - Thursday:

09:00 - 11:00 a.m. and

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h g a

24.03. - 29.03.2013


e f







Season opening 2013: Riviera of Flowers

Ligure. At lunchtime we arrive in Genoa, the capital

Liguria. Short stop with the option to have lunch.

Continue to Finale Ligure to our hotel. Room occupancy &


Day 2: San Remo & Dolce Aqua and the Ligurian hinterland

Today we drive to San Remo, a meeting point in the past

of the European nobility, now famous for the casino, the

Rally and the marina. After a short tour with our

The tour guide gives you free time. Then drive

we continue to the medieval Dolce Aqua and the Ligurian

Hinterland with a visit to an oil mill

including tasting & the opportunity to

Purchasing typical products, such as

z. B. olive oil, olives, etc.

Day 3: Menton & Nice

Our services:

Travel in a comfortable long-distance coach

4 * seat pitch

5x overnight stays in the *** s Hotel Rio in

Finale Ligure

In a central, but still quiet location, a

Step from the Palm Promenade (200m), is located

the Hotel Rio, an antique but complete

renovated house in typical pink stone of

Finale Ligure; All elegant rooms are 2010

renovated and equipped with every comfort:

Air conditioning, heating, telephone, satellite TV,

Desk, safe, bathroom or shower / toilet, hairdryer, etc.

Elevator, bar and reception with 24 hour service,

free internet point and WI-FI

..... and the brilliant colors of the Cote d Ázur

Today the flower city stands first

Nice on your program with a visit to the

world famous flower market. Enjoy the flair of this

beautiful city with its boulevards, the promenade des

Anglais as well as the Russian

Cathedral. On the way back to the hotel

let's stop at Menton -

the pearl of the Cote d'Azur - a.

simply book online at

Chic coasts, sea and sun from

Italy to France

400 km of adventurous coastal road and a wonderful Mediterranean climate, protected by

the foothills of the Ligurian Alps give the visitor unique views

Landscapes. World famous Italian, Monegasque

and French spas and seaside resorts

vie with the beauties of the landscape

for the favor of the guest. And over

everything means a touch of exclusivity

to feel - enjoy great flair !!!!!!!!

Day 1: Arrival - Genoa

Via Munich and the Brenner motorway

we drive towards the finals with breaks

Day 4: Cannes & Grasse perfume factory

Today we drive along the coast to Cannes. This mundane

Film festival and congress city has the famous promenade

"La Croisette" with numerous top-class hotels. Ours

Tour guide Monique will show you the most important ones

Sights such as the film festival building. Before the

Return to the hotel, we drive to the famous perfume city of Grasse.

There you will learn everything about how the perfume is made.

Create e.g. B. Your own perfume. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 5: Principality of Monaco - Montecarlo

Drive on the "Autostrada dei Fiori" (flower motorway) to

Principality of Monaco. Here is your chance to meet the well-known

You can visit the exotic garden (approx. € 8 entrance fee). In the old City

admire the cathedral with the royal crypt, as well as the palace of the

Princely family. Stroll through the picturesque streets of the

Old Town and take part in the traditional Changing of the Guard.

Continue along the marina on the Grand Circuit

Monaco to Monte Carlo Prix.

Day 6: Journey home - Rapallo-Portofino

(Good Friday) After breakfast we start our journey home. Of

From Rapallo you have the opportunity to take a boat trip into it

famous fishing village of Portofino that looks like a pirate's nest in a steep

Rock bay was built. From here

have a wonderful view of

the sea. For the grand finale

we're going to dinner with you tonight

Stop by a selection of fish.

5x half board consisting of: rich

Breakfast buffet with sausages, homemade

Cakes and other goodies,

3-course menu of choice with salad buffet

& homemade desserts in the evening

1x Ligurian dinner with typical

Menu and live music as part of the HP

Use of the heated indoor pool

and fitness facilities in the hotel,

free bike rental

4x full-day tour guide

Snack oil mill

Arrangement price

per person in a double room

Single room surcharge € 50

385,- €

Bookable services:

Boat trip Rapallo - Portofino 12, - € / p.p.

Note: the planned visits at the

Arrival and departure are not a fixed part of the program,

depending on traffic, weather, etc.

it may be that this shortened, changed

or have to be omitted completely!


Travel regulars table

· Free lectures on Paris, river cruises destinations

and much more.

· Exchange information & experiences

· Social gatherings & musical entertainment

· Get ​​to know new people based on common interests

like group travel

· Get ​​to know our entire team personally

· Meet travel acquaintances again

Transfer to and from the venue

or book under


1 day Venice Carnival

- Gondolas, masks & harlequins

... an extraordinary experience

Venice is a wonderful setting for one of the most beautiful mask festivals in the world. Places,

Bridges, church towers, contemplative canals, rocking gondolas, pigeons and the vaporetti as

Public buses. The city is a gift to humanity and a stage setting that one

does not have to build first. During the Carnevas Venice is developing a very special one


One of the highlights of the Italian Carnevas is undoubtedly the "Carnevale di Venezia".

Valuable historical and imaginative costumes, playful and bizarre masks

Own creations then determine the cityscape of Venice and immerse the lagoon city in it

unique flair.

Departure: Friday February 8th in the evening / Arrival in Venice: Saturday morning boat trip from

Punta Sabbioni to Venice. A full day stay in Venice, enjoy the masks

on the various squares and places in

Venice. Return journey: Saturday evening approx.

9 p.m. with the ship from the berth

Punta Sabbioni to the bus. Return: Sunday

February 10 morning

Easter market in Bad Tölz

The Tölzer Easter market is one of the two largest markets in that, along with the Christmas market

popular center in the heart of the Isarwinkel. The historic Marktstrasse is unique

Backdrops for the booths and stalls that do a lot of handcraft, traditional specialties and refined

offer impressive handicrafts. You will learn how to do this on a city tour

Our services:

Bus ride

Guided tour “On film tracks

Bad Tölz"

Our services:


price per person

Child bonus




Travel in a comfortable long-distance coach

4 * seat pitch

Boat trip Punta Sabbioni - Venice

Know the sights. The afternoon

is then at your leisure in Bad Tölz


Telephone 0 9654 -9 11 71

28,- €


e.g. with Christian Müller or Roland Hansl

The most intense and

cheapest way,

the carnival in

To experience Venice!




a is r

r drove

gesf r

a ah


- 10.02.2013

Package price € 89

per person

Fixed price for children 3.99 - 13.99 years 55, - €

Note: Departure is Friday evening on Saturday!

Night ride! No accommodation!

gesf r

a ah








gesf r

a ah

10.02. & 09.11.2013

entr e



v s




gesf r

a ah



Bad Füssing thermal baths and dance trip

to the Haslinger Hof

Easter trip

to the

Gift price

simply book online at

plus admissions

Relax in your

“Lieblingstherme” (I, II or

Johannesbad), then a stay

in the adventure world

Haslinger Hof (between

Kirchham and Bad Füssing)

Bus ride per person

Child bonus

price per person

Bus ride per person

Children 2.99 - 11.99 years

pay only € 34

Children up to 2.99 years free !!!!!

22,- €

Onion market in Weimar

Weimar's onion market is legendary

Nothing goes on the second of October

Weekend in Weimar without onions:

On the cake, in the soup,

in the famous braid or in the arrangement

- the Weimar onion market is le-

gender. More as 300,000 visitors can do that

Fixed not to be missed. Weimar residents and guests enjoy

the state of emergency in the classic city.

with a guided tour of Weimar

28,- €

Easter Monday with the whole

Family in Legoland Germany

Our services:

Bus ride

Legoland day pass

39,- €


Mother's Day in Kitzbühel and on

the Kitzbüheler Horn

On this very special day, we will whisk you away into the wonderful Tyrolean mountains. you

spend Mother's Day with hearty folk music and can do the breathtaking

Enjoy the mountain panorama. The Alpenhaus on the Kitzbüheler Horn, with the nearby one

Alpine flower garden is the perfect destination for Mother's Day.

Program sequence: We drive to Kitzbühel first. We'll take a break on the way

who we hand you our "Mother's Day breakfast buffet" in / on the bus

Gamsstadt Kitzbühel you have time for a little Sunday stroll.

Then we drive to the imposing Kitzbüheler

Horn. The wonderful alpine panorama road leads you directly to the

Alpenhaus, where you can enjoy Mother's Day with fun folk music and

enjoy excellent Tyrolean cuisine (payment on site).

On the sun terrace in the Alpenhaus

you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view

enjoy. use the opportunity

and take a leisurely stroll

through the alpine flower garden on

Kitzbüheler Horn. Return on the way home

we to the grand finale as always in

a good inn.

Natz Schabs Apple Blossom Festival

Every year on May 1st, Naz-Sciaves is in high spirits at the great festival of the queens.

Numerous "Royal Highnesses" are welcomed by our apple queen every year

called. The list of product queens present is long and ranges from apple queen,

via hay queen to onion queen. The blossom festival is framed by a varied program

on Wednesday May 1st. From 10.30 a.m. top-class pop singers will sing and play

Folk music groups at a Radio Tirol morning pint. Enter on the "Royal Mile"

The Highnesses provide information about your area of ​​origin, distribute autographs and are happy to answer

Souvenir photos available.

Typical South Tyrolean products and handicrafts are sold at the farmers' market

offered for sale. During the festive procession through the village to the fairground in Naz

the queens in their noble robes will attend in the early afternoon. Accompanied

they are used by music bands, rifle squads, fire departments, Schuhplattler

and various associations in beautifully decorated floats. Also the culinary delights

are not neglected. Let yourself be with

Apple specialties and other delicacies

Bus ride per person € 35


plus event. accruing admissions

Farmer's summer on the Gramai-Alm

Via Munich we drive to Bad Wiesse to the Achensee and to

Pertisau to the Gramai-Alm, picturesquely situated in the Karwendel Mountains

Alpine inn. Folk musicians and singers from the area and

Bayern have announced themselves who would like to make music. Of course are

the audience cordially invited. Also present are Bauernstandln and

Artisans. You will be served: food from local agriculture,

Most from the Inn Valley and

Home-grown wines from South Tyrol.

Bus ride per person

or book under

Our services:

Bus ride

1 glass of sparkling wine for all women in / on the bus

“Small present” for all women

more surprises in the program

will not be long in coming ...

29,- €

Telephone 0 9654 -9 11 71

Arrangement per person


Mother's Day breakfast buffet € 5.50



35,- €



gesf r

a ah

gesf r

a ah

gesf r

a ah








dte e

ares s



05.04. - 07.04.2013

Day 1: Arrival - Paris

Arrival via ………… to the Seine metropolis. Paris

awaits you with the charm and elegance of a metropolis in

who breathes the spirit of the centuries. Experience at

monumental highlights such as Arc on a city tour

de Triomphe, Notre-Dame, Louvre or the Eiffel Tower.

But also discover the city of haute couture,

the fashion designer, the great jewelers, the

Street cafes and restaurants. A boat trip on the Seine should of course not be missed.


gesf r

a ah



short trip


Spend in the Easter break

a couple of days in town

of the love...

Experience monu-

mental highlights like Arc de Triomphe,

Notre-Dame, Louvre or the Eiffel Tower.

But also discover the city of the Haute

Couture, the fashion designer, the great jew

liere, the street cafes and restaurants. A

Of course, shipping on the Seine is not allowed

The Würzburg wine village in the middle of the

Würzburg market square is cult: over 100 different ones

Franconian wines are in atmospheric

Half-timbered arbor served: Franconian

and international dishes round off the enjoyment of wine


simply book online at


Day 2: Paris or Disneyland Paris or Palace of Versailles

After breakfast, the day is at your disposal in Paris. B. in the afternoon from Montmartre, crowned

with Sacre Coeur, great views over the city. Come with us to either the Palace of Versailles or Disneyland Paris. The

Today's excursion takes you to the famous Versailles Palace. The Sun King Louis XIV left one of the most magnificent palaces in Europe here

build. The gigantic complex of the castle finds thousands upon thousands of admirers every year. The Versailles park is still in place today as

Showpiece for artistic garden design. The evening is at your disposal. Immerse yourself in Paris nightlife.

3rd day: journey home

After breakfast.

Shipping on the

His. Subsequently

Home trip.

Our services:

Ride in comfort. Long-distance coach 4 * seat pitch

2x overnight stay / breakfast buffet in the good

3-star hotel in Paris (such as the Hotel Ibis

Berthier Porte de Clichy - ideal for discovering Paris)

3h city tour Paris

1 hour boat trip on the Seine

Arrangement price per person 195, - €

Single room supplement € 72

Bookable services:

- Versailles excursion surcharge

Bus trip including entrance to the Palace of Versailles € 36.00 excluding gardens

- Extra charge for Disneyland Paris excursion

Bus ride including admission to Disneyland € 68 adults

Bus ride including admission to Disneyland € 54, children 3-11 years

- Supplement for evening at the Moulin Rouge

Revue with champagne at the Moulin Rouge € 105

Wine festival in Würzburg

Bus ride per person

plus any admission fees

27,- €


Merano at the time of the fruit tree blossom

Today you drive through the blooming Adige Valley, where an apple tree grows

other ranks. A sea of ​​flowers spreads to the left and right of the street. In the

Once you have arrived at the spa town of Merano, you can take a stroll around the city yourself


Option 1: In the afternoon there is the opportunity to visit the 12 hectares

large gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. The most beautiful garden in Italy with

many blooming tulips and spring flowers, a palm beach,

Cactus house, various shrubs and trees, rhododendrons and

Peonies are worth a visit at any time of the year. (Route can be

change due to weather conditions)